Even the Youngins are better than most mainstream rappers…

So I wasn’t planning on posting anything new tonight and was going to wait until the morning, but my man Kevin “Sandman” once again hooked me up with some youngins that spit straight fire.

First youngin you may know as one son of Rev Run, but lo and behold, Diggy is starting to make a name for himself. I wasn’t too big a fan of his “Great Expectations”, but Kevin sent me some new stuff my way…and the rest is history. Diggy is going to be big and in the not so distant future.

Diggy – Shook Ones

Diggy – Made You Look

Second youngin is a kid by the name of Young Marqus. The kid is younger than a high school freshman, yet he’s already opened for Lupe Fiasco. Talented? I think yes. Hailing from the Houston area, the kid’s words are surprisingly deep and insightful. Good flow coupled with some sick, sick lines…the kid is going places.

Young Marqus – Words I Never Said (Lupe Fiasco Cover)

Young Marqus – You ft Mecole

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