So I got a little behind on my posts today, so you’ll have to forgive me, but there is good news. Since I drove for a good 2 hours non-stop, I was able to find some new dubstep songs that I believe you guys are going to enjoy. There is going to be a mix of dubstep types, ranging from an absolutely grimey and full of whomps song, a dubstep remix of a hip hop song, and an absolute banger. Just keep on reading to…

Get to the videos below:

Absolutely Grimey: Flux Pavilion – Voscillate (Vaski Remix)

Careful on this one …this could overload your system, or blow out your bass. You have been warned…

Dubstep Hip Hop Remix: Lil Wayne – Drop the World (Pillow Fight Remix)

One of the best dubstep remixes of a rap/hip hop song.

This one is played repeatedly on my iPod, while in the car or working out

Absolute Banger: Wobbleland 2011

While this video isn’t an original song or anything, the mixing of multiple dubstep songs combined with the raw video of the club makes this banging.If you want to get a sense of what dubstep is all about…then WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW!!! (oh and remember to watch in 720p)

Caution: The following video may contain material deemed offensive to an individual.

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