Brenton Duvall, Mother Earth, 3LAU, & DubMashProductions

Here’s an awesome selection of different mashup songs done by various mashup artists. Each song has their own distinct flair and the combinations of the song choices to mash together for each song is spot on. Believe me, trying to find the right songs to go with the right beats is tons harder than just putting the two songs together.

Neon Hitch – Silly Girl (Brenton Duvall Remix ft Wiz Khalifa)

Starting off this mashup post is Brenton Duvall’s remix to Neon Hitch’s “Silly Girl”. Duvall mashes together “Silly Girl” by Neon Hitch with Wiz Khalifa’s verses from “No Sleep”. This song is by far my favorite track in this post, and should definitely be an addition to your music library.

Mother Earth Remixes – Skinny Pain

Introducing Mother Earth Remixes (herein referred to as Mother Earth)!!! Mother Earth is so good to us, providing with all the necessities of life (well at least musically). Mother Earth lays down a sick mashup that includes 2Pac and Birdy. The track has a more somber tone to it, but you can’t help but be drawn in by the vocals of Birdy and the flow of 2Pac.  Definitely keep your ears open for more from Mother Earth

3LAU – Children E.T.

If there are a couple of artists that I can’t stand, Katy Perry is definitely included on that list. However, after hearing the work of 3LAU mashing up Katy Perry’s “E.T”. with Robert Miles “Children”, I forgave Katy Perry just this once. Take a listen below

DubMashProductions – XX Fool

So this final choice was kinda difficult for me to choose between. DubMashProductions have a couple of dope tracks, but they mashup mainstream songs with dubstep songs creating instant harmony. However, they left me with the difficult choice of choosing between 2 of their songs, “XX Fool” and “This Time”. I chose “XX Fool” because I felt as though Lil Jon and the dubstep song was more cohesive. Not taking anything away from “This Time”, but Lil Jon won out over Wiz Khalifa this time.

UPDATE: After some thought, I couldn’t leave you guys hanging, so I’m including the link for DubMashProductions’ “This Time”. Which one do you like more?

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