The Game, Drake, Tinie Tempah, Kid Ink

Here are a compilation of songs from artists that you have heard from, and from artists that you may be hearing for the first time. The Game and Drake have already made it big in the States and the two tracks that they are featured in are download worthy. The last two artists, Tinie Tempah and Kid Ink, are artists that may have flown under your radar but their talent is undeniable. Tinie Tempah has a pretty big following across the seas in the U.K., while Kid Ink is an artist based out of Los Angeles that is garnering a faithful following.

The Game ft Lil Wayne – Red Nation

“Red Nation” by The Game is an absolute killer. The verses that the Game spits are the highlights of the song, while Lil Wayne is left singing the hook (which on it’s own is ok, but compared to the rest of the song is slightly weak). I’ve had this song for a couple of days now, and decided to let you guys start the week off right. And for added controversy, MTV and BET banned the video from their networks citing gang references throughout the video. Well, regardless of gang affiliation, this song is more than worthy of being posted. Song Rating: 5/5

DJ Khaled ft Drake, Rick Ross, & Lil Wayne – I’m On One

Why DJ Khaled is listed as the main artist on this track is beyond me. He makes no vocal appearance within the song itself, so I post this song with Drake being the main tag. Drake has certainly come into his own within the past year or so, and I would go so far as to say that he is close to surpassing Lil Wayne. Rick Ross and Lil Wayne make notable appearances on this track as well. 4/5

Tinie Tempah ft Wiz Khalifa – Til I’m Gone

Tinie Tempah is fixing to release his first U.S. mixtape within the coming days, and he certainly knows who to approach while trying to make a name for himself. We all know how popular Wiz Khalifa has gotten recently, and this collaboration between the two certainly doesn’t disappoint. What you think? Does Tinie Tempah have what it takes to successfully conquer the U.S. market? 4.5/5

Kid Ink ft Killa Kyleon, Red Cafe, & Machine Gun Kelly – My City

I have mixed feelings about this song. The lyrics and flow of the song are definitely top-notch, but I’m not so sure about the beat. I think it could have gone a little harder, instead it seems to lose some of its’ impact with the continuous piano notes. I may have to listen to it a couple of more times, but in the meantime I’m posting for you guys to check out. 3.8-4/5

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