Que Pasa?

So it’s been awhile since I’ve updated the Electro/House section, so hopefully these selected tracks more than make up for the absence. The first song “Que Pasa” is a great initial banger that should have you nodding and jamming to the beat. The vocals aren’t overdone with an emphasis on synths (like any good electro/house track). Rating: 4/5

Gabry Ponte – Que Pasa ft DJ From Mars

Benny Benassi – Watch You ft Clinton Sparks

This next song by Benny Benassi, a big player in the electro/house genre, featuring Clinton Sparks is a song that I enjoy one moment and am kinda turned off the next. No doubt the song deserves to be on any party playlist, but whether it should be at the top of that list is solely up to you. Rating: 4/5

Far East Movement ft Snoop Dogg – If I Was You (OMG) (Disco Fries Remix)

“If I Was You (OMG)” is a perfect club song with a hook that is easy to remember and a beat that will get people going. Disco Fries does an amazing job of combining the original song by Far East Movement to the Disco Fries mix. Rating: 4.5/5

Swedish House Mafia – Save The World

Finally, after leak after leak after leak (most with radio tags and/or loops) the final/official version of “Save The World” has finally been released by Swedish House Mafia. Want an epic song? Then just take a listen to the video. While the video has shortened the song some, if you don’t think about adding this track to your Electro/House playlist then something is wrong with you. Rating: 5/5

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