So while I’ve done some featured posts before…I’m starting a new section where weekly or bi-weekly (hopefully) I’ll feature an artist that I think deserves to have their own featured post on Boom!!!NewMusic.

Now for the Featured Artist. I’ve posted a track or two of his earlier, but that wasn’t enough. So I reached out to contact him and he was gracious enough to send me back some info on how he got started and what he is planning for the future. So without any further rambling…ladies and gentleman, MITCH-MASH!!

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The Weeknd, Mac Miller, Hi-Rez

The first two tracks are more chill while the last track has a more upbeat tempo to it. The Weeknd has a Trey Songz type of musical quality to him making him perfect to listen to with your significant other. Mac Miller is making a strong push into mainstream music but he hasn’t started changing his musical style just because he’s gained a much bigger following. Hi-Rez has a nice sold flow when he lays down, and his music certainly doesn’t disappoint. Hopefully he starts getting noticed more. Continue reading

The White Panda, Mashup Germany, 5 & A Dime

For some reason, I haven’t posted The White Panda on the blog and for that I say sorry. The White Panda was one of the first mashup artists/group that I heard that got me hooked on mashup music. They definitely know how to choose songs that go together, so check them out (you may have already heard of them) and make sure you check out their Pandamonium Tour that starts on July 1st. For more details…check below Continue reading

Phetsta, Soundscape, Pretty Lights

I wanted to put out a quick dubstep post as a thank you post for passing 1,000 views. Didn’t really think I would get to this milestone so quickly, so I tried to find some epic and absolutely killer dubstep tracks. I would say that any one of these three songs are more than capable of rattling a couple of windows due to the bass. Continue reading

Featured Post: BAI (Bailey and Instruments)

I’ve kept featured posts to a minimum on BoomNewMusic because I want to make sure I give you guys a wider selection of music from various artists. However after hearing some of the tracks that Bailey and Instruments, otherwise known as BAI, I just had to put together a feature post of his. Hailing from the beaches of Miami then moving to NYC, BAI is making quite a splash with his electro party style music. If you want to party all night long, then having some BAI blaring from your system is a sure-fire way to keep the party bumping.

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Zeds Dead, An-ten-nae, Jacob Plant

A pretty good dubstep posting today. Haven’t really found a dubstep song that stands out to me in an epic way, but these songs are good enough to hold me over for the meantime…(and as soon as I was going over this post, I found an insane banger by Jacob Plant). Zeds Dead always comes out with some pretty nasty stuff. I’ve never heard of An-ten-nae before so his Glitchstep was refreshing, especially since it sampled a hip hop song that I hadn’t heard of before. And Jacob Plant is known for posting banger after banger…and his track is certainly a banger. The guy can make some damn good music Continue reading