Massive Hip Hop Post

So it’s definitely been awhile since I’ve posted anything new on the blog…so to make it up to you, I’m posting a massive post of everything that I’ve been listening to incessantly the past week or so. I won’t even worry about describing the songs, just a rating of the song. Enjoy


Skizzy Mars – Douchebag (Rating 5/5)

Skizzy Mars – Profound (4/5)

Wiz Khalifa – Reefer Party ft Chevy Woods & Neako (4.5/5)

Chiddy Bang – When You’ve Got Music ft The Knocks (4.5/5)

Big Sean – Too Fake ft Chiddy Bang (5/5)

J. Cole – Disgusting (4.5/5)

Ty x Gspence – Another Day (We On) (4.5/5)

Gabriel Stark – Random Song That Doesn’t Fit (4/5)

If you can rap (well) on top of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”, then you’ve earned a spot on the blog

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