Zeds Dead, An-ten-nae, Jacob Plant

A pretty good dubstep posting today. Haven’t really found a dubstep song that stands out to me in an epic way, but these songs are good enough to hold me over for the meantime…(and as soon as I was going over this post, I found an insane banger by Jacob Plant). Zeds Dead always comes out with some pretty nasty stuff. I’ve never heard of An-ten-nae before so his Glitchstep was refreshing, especially since it sampled a hip hop song that I hadn’t heard of before. And Jacob Plant is known for posting banger after banger…and his track is certainly a banger. The guy can make some damn good music

The Electric – Toot Toot (Zeds Dead Remix)

Rating: 4.5/5

 Dead Prez – Bigger than Hip Hop (An-ten-nae Remix)

Rating: 4/5

Jacob Plant – She’s So Up

I’ve featured a previous song of Jacob Plant before…and this song just shows why it’s necessary to keep listening to what he puts out. Oh and seeing as he is only 19, we can expect great things from him for a long time to come. Hallelujah

Rating: 5/5

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