Phetsta, Soundscape, Pretty Lights

I wanted to put out a quick dubstep post as a thank you post for passing 1,000 views. Didn’t really think I would get to this milestone so quickly, so I tried to find some epic and absolutely killer dubstep tracks. I would say that any one of these three songs are more than capable of rattling a couple of windows due to the bass.

Phetsta – Drunk In This

Rating: 4.5/5

Soundscape – King Kong’s Equinox

This is more of a dubstep mashup of Bare & Datsik’s King Kong (can be seen in a previous post with Skrillex’s Equinox. This is a lethal combination… 

Rating: 5/5

Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth (Bonnaroo 2011)

Pretty Lights has been expanding it’s musical capabilities, and this is a very good attempt at some heavy dubstep. If the results are like this track, then Pretty Lights ought to keep coming out with tracks like these.

Rating: 5/5

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