The Weeknd, Mac Miller, Hi-Rez

The first two tracks are more chill while the last track has a more upbeat tempo to it. The Weeknd has a Trey Songz type of musical quality to him making him perfect to listen to with your significant other. Mac Miller is making a strong push into mainstream music but he hasn’t started changing his musical style just because he’s gained a much bigger following. Hi-Rez has a nice sold flow when he lays down, and his music certainly doesn’t disappoint. Hopefully he starts getting noticed more.

The Weeknd – The Birds (Part 1)

Rating: 5/5

Check out The Weeknd’s Soundcloud for more of his music:

Mac Miller – Family First ft Talib Kweli

Mac put out this song as a thank you for reaching 500k followers on Twitter. Looks like people are finally starting to recognize him for the musical talent that he has.

Rating: 4.5/5

Hi-Rez – Gettin’ Started

Rating: 5/5

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