So while I’ve done some featured posts before…I’m starting a new section where weekly or bi-weekly (hopefully) I’ll feature an artist that I think deserves to have their own featured post on Boom!!!NewMusic.

Now for the Featured Artist. I’ve posted a track or two of his earlier, but that wasn’t enough. So I reached out to contact him and he was gracious enough to send me back some info on how he got started and what he is planning for the future. So without any further rambling…ladies and gentleman, MITCH-MASH!!

Q&A w/ Mitch-Mash

Q: What got you started in the mashup business?

A: I’m basically just some kid from Raleigh, North Carolina who heard Girl Talk’s “Night Ripper” albums one day, and like many other mashers today, wasn’t the same since.

Q: How long have you been mashing for?

A: While I’ve experimented with mashing on and off for a few years, it wasn’t until last September that I started putting out what some might call…listenable material.

Q: So what’s your latest project? Any new tracks or mixtapes that you are putting together?

A: I’m in an interesting position in that I have zero familiarity with DJing or DJ hardware, unlike a lot of the mashers I admire and have been privileged to meet over the last few months. I’ve been ultimately using mediocre software to maximum effect, though when I finish the mixtape I’m currently working on (hopefully by mid-late July) I’ll be switching to a more robust software. This will be the first time I’m releasing a collection of songs rather than a monthly track, which is sort of unnatural for me, because with every segment of the mixtape I finish I just want to post it immediately!

Q: What’s the strangest/most surreal/interesting thing about being a mashup artist?

A: Its crazy to be asked to be on a blog, or if I would be interested in doing collaborations, or how I approach sample pairings. It is incredibly surreal to wake up one morning, be #2 on the Hype Machine over The White Panda, and having the only obstacle to the #1 spot be indie/folk genius Bon Iver. So I’m immensely grateful to anyone who has downloaded, listened to, or even contemplated listening to a track of mine or mashups in general. And naturally, I’m thankful to Boom! New Music for letting a new masher ramble for a bit :D!

Now time for the Music

This one has already been posted on the blog, but it’s too good to not re-post:

Level Up//Might Light You Better

DJ, Don’t Stop Belolling

Cracks In Illmerica Island

Right Above Your Heart//I Want You Back Like This

Rude Monsters…Gotta Catch ‘Em All

If you liked what Mitch-Mash had to offer, make sure you check out his soundcloud: , his facebook: , and/or his twitter:!/mitch_mash.

I’ll also be on the lookout for his upcoming mixtape that he mentioned in his Q&A, so I’ll make sure to update everybody on how great it is.

Thanks to Mitch-Mash for taking the time to send me his info and for allowing me to feature him on the blog. Expecting even more amazing things from this guy in the future. Give it up to Mitch-Mash everyone!!!

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