State of the Mashup Union: What, and specifically, means for us

So Simp recently stumbled upon an article that concerned with not only but mashup rooms in general. What follows is an article written by Eliot Van Buskirk for’s Popular Mash-Up Room Could Be First Copyright Casualty

By: Eliot Van Buskirk

“As I told the New York Times last week, one of the most crucial things about the group listening room is the way it lets DJs upload any MP3 from their collections and play it for the crowd, in addition to selecting from a pre-filled catalog of millions of songs.

This is such a great feature precisely because it allows superfans with ultra-rare stuff, such as unlicensed mash-ups, show off the exclusive nature of their music collections while allowing listeners to enjoy something they probably can’t hear anywhere.

One of the most popular rooms in the entire fiefdom, as one can tell from using this handy bookmarklet, is Mashup Mania, also known as — the first room to which I’ve ever been denied entry (see image above). The thing is, mash-ups tend not to be licensed, in part because it’s so difficult to secure the rights to A) make a derivative work out of two copyrighted songs and B) distribute that song.

As picks up steam — as can only happen after recent coverage in the New York Times,CNN, and elsewhere — Mashup Mania could be the first victim of the possible lame-ification of the service, which might be necessary to allow it to survive.

The copyright critics at Techdirt have a vision for where it becomes a central hub for fans to meet high-profile artists and buy their stuff, making oodles of money for everyone by putting merchandise ads in the right place. But before that can happen in, or any similar service, it will have to clear the same copyright hurdles everyone else has to clear. This popular mash-up room could be the first casualty of that process.”


DJ Eep (Andrew Peron)’s Response

Mr. Van Buskirk,

I have just read your article about, and the Mash-up rooms that occupy it, and just wanted to make a few clarifications. The mashupmania room is separate and different from the room. The room is a purpose-built place designed as the ‘end-user experience’ for the music blogging network that I created, along with a few other DJs also using turntable, run and manage. Turntable has created a unique opportunity for us as content providers online; the ecosystem created by Turntable is allowing for unprecedented instant feedback on songs, artists, and albums. It allows me, as well as my colleagues, an opportunity to know what will attract attention and generate buzz, in an almost instantaneous timeframe. While many users see Turntable at it’s ‘face value’, that being the ability to play and share music, my scope extends far beyond that, using Turntable as a tool that effectively allows me to gauge the public interest, which affords me the ability to shape the direction and the content that I am providing to my readers on a daily basis. It’s nice to see someone taking notice of the mashup genre as something more than an underground subculture of music, and I look forward to reading any future articles on Turntable that you may publish.

Best Regards,

Andrew Peron
Founder, Mashup Mixtapes

So what does this mean? It means that we are still 100% dedicated in bringing you quality mash-ups both through and our 3 respective blogs. Our goal is not to infringe on the songs, and hard work, that mainstream artists have done but rather to demonstrate a new interpretation of sampled songs. Through and our blogs, we’re trying to spread Mash-ups and the musical talents of the mashup artists that reinterpret songs into something different and innovative.


Update: We have received a response from Eliot Van Buskirk. It is as follows…

Thanks for the heads-up, Andrew. I made a quick correction to the story, and will try to delve into a story on what you’re doing soon.

Eliot Van Buskirk
The Echo Nest

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