Home-Grown Artists: From Nothing to Something

The interview is finally here!!! After much waiting and talking (and mainly jamming to music), the interview with Mc Chubbzz, Bruneaux, abSRD, The Airport District, and a late add DJ Improper is complete. Couldn’t have had a better time with these guys. Some down-to-earth guys that got their music queued up in a private TT room, and we got the interview process underway. I’ve known these guys for about a week (most likely less), and the relaxed nature and camaraderie between us was evident. Jokes flying left and right, talking about music and mashes, couldn’t have asked for a better interview.

So I want to start off by describing what we believe a Home-Grown Artist is. A Home-Grown Artist is a masher that has great songs available, but doesn’t have the publicity as say Kap Slap, Girl Talk, The White Panda, etc. Whether they be a new masher, or one who has produced a couple of songs…a Home-Grown is an artist that deserves the recognition that they may not have received yet. Each of the guys interviewed above a certain style about themselves and have been well-received in the Mashup.fm room. So take a look at the interview after the jump. The Q&A session (with most jokes/banter) is posted, and at the end I’ll include the full transcript via Dropbox. Tell us what you think at the end, and keep showing these guys support. Thanks to Mc Chubbzz, Bruneaux, abSRD, The Airport District, and DJ Improper for sitting down and getting this interview done.

Q&A Session

(It’s Long…but so worth it)

Gutz: So first thanks for meeting up with me for this interview and DJ Mash Session

The Airport District: thanks for having us.

Bruneaux: no prob, man. glad to do it

DJ Improper: Thank you. It’s good to be here.

Mc Chubbzz: absolutely.

AbSRD: for sure, cool thing to be doing, glad you think I was worthy

Gutz: I guess the most obvious question to start off with is: Where y’all from?

Bruneaux: athens, georgia

AbSRD: Tulsa, OK

Mc Chubbzz: Charlotte, NC

The Airport District: Modesto, CA. Car theft capital of the US.

Gutz: lol Airport

DJ Improper: I’m operating from right outside D.C. I’m in Rockville, MD.

Gutz: So looks like the West Coast is underrepresented

DJ Improper: The actual capitol of the U.S.

AbSRD: and the midwest

The Airport District: I feel so lonely!

Gutz: True that abSRD

DJ Improper: That’s because it’s only 7:44 there. They’re still sleeping.

AbSRD: dont blame them, its hot as hell

Bruneaux: shit, its hot here too

Gutz: it’s hot everywhere right now, but that doesn’t stop us from mashing all day

DJ Improper: my room is nice and cool with the 6 fans running.

AbSRD: try 118 today

Mc Chubbzz: I keep my house at 32 degrees, I’m a freaking eskimo.

Gutz: ouch…abSRD, you best stay indoors then. The Mashup.fm room is good company

Mc Chubbzz: hahaha

The Airport District: They’re like my internet family. Except we’re not related and I only sorta love them.

Gutz: lol. I feel the same way. The camaraderie is amazing.

AbSRD: really is

Question: How’d you guys find the Mashup.fm room?

The Airport District: I searched mashup on turntable.fm, haha

DJ Improper: /mu/

Gutz: word of mouth, or it was once again overflowing with people? /mu/?

Mc Chubbzz: I was lookin through what artists were being played, and when I saw The White Panda, I had to join in the fun.

The Airport District: that’s 4chan’s music board (in reference to my /mu/ question)

AbSRD: when I first signed into turntable it was the first room I thought would be good, sure enough

Bruneaux: i saw a post on twitter about turntable, but it was a dead mashup room…so i searched for more mashup rooms and this one seemed to be the popular choice

Gutz: it’s one of the best rooms out there, for sure

Bruneaux: totally

DJ Improper: I originally came to the /mu/table room on reccomendation of 4chans music board… But Mashup.fm seemed like a more appropriate place to be because of my tastes.

DJ Improper: That and somone pointed me there when my first song in the /mu/table room was a mashup.

DJ Improper: OFWGKTA vs. NMH

Gutz: i don’t think i’ve heard of 4chans music board

The Airport District: Oh my god, that’s like /mu/’s fantasy

DJ Improper: 4chan.org/mu/

The Airport District: you been to 4chan before? it’s their music board

Gutz: nope, never been to 4chan…going now

DJ Improper: It’s a great place to find news about leaks and be on top of things that are trending

Bruneaux: im gonna have to check that out

Gutz: i’ll have to make sure to bookmark it

Question: So we know how you guys found the Mashup.fm room, but why mashups? What got you guys started in mashups?

Mc Chubbzz: My friend had me listen to The White Pandas (once again) and I was hooked.

DJ Improper: I play a ton of mashups at the events I DJ in real life, so this has been a really great way to find new music.

Gutz: Ahh White Panda

DJ Improper: Mashup.fm allows me to find music that works for what I need by just sitting around and chit-chatting rather than digging through blogs and listening on my own.

Bruneaux: My friend gave me girl talk’s night ripper a few years back, and i was so fascinated by it that i had to try it for myself

Gutz: White Panda got me started on listening to mashups too

AbSRD: Well when that Jayz vs The verve came out years ago I thought it was the coolest, then after Kap Slap started disappointing my roommate and I with some of his songs, he told me ‘to make better ones’. And yeah night ripper was definitely inspiration as well

Bruneaux: It’s like the bible of mashup albums

DJ Improper: My first mashup experience was Dean Gray.

Gutz: I think that’s the first time i’ve seen someone say something bad about Kap, lol. And night ripper = classic

AbSRD: first for everything, dont get me wrong, we love his stuff but there were two or three releases in a row we were disappointed by

Gutz: ahh gotcha

Bruneaux: im not a fan of his too much

Gutz: is it just me, or did Bolles leave? His internet cut out. He just fb messaged me, lol…and he’s back

Bruneaux: i tend to not favor electronic/dance/dubstep mashes that much

Gutz: Come on Airport…fix that internet, lol

The Airport District: sorry lol, what did i miss?

Gutz: how’d you get started in mashups

The Airport District: ah

Gutz: or why did you choose mashups?

The Airport District: Girl Talk, of course. I was downloading every random album I could to fill up my ipod, and he had Feed the Animals up for free, so I downloaded it. I didn’t like it at first, but it came on shuffle once and I was amazed.

AbSRD: See thats where I differ, I make EDM based ones because they’re my way to get the kids that my club residency is at to dance to that kind of music, they like the familiarity of their favorite lyrics (referencing Bruneaux’s last comment)

Gutz: true…but i think we can all agree that mashups bring something new and different to songs

DJ Improper: I think it’s a way fo reinterpreting a song.

Bruneaux: they really do. i like to see what kind of song i can put with another. pull from different decades and genres to make something unique

Gutz: can’t agree more with you Imp

DJ Improper: Like you can take someone elses song, and give it a completely new meaning by mashing it up. I mean…great example…Kick Push by Lupe Fiasco is obviously about skateboarding.

Gutz: agreed

DJ Improper: But if you listen to Viva La Kick Push (Coldplay vs. Lupe) it transcends the original meaning and has so much more depth to it.

The Airport District: Samples are kinda like instruments, to me. Make something completely new out of something that already exists. And the familiarity of the samples gives it a unique twist. (References Imp’s last statement here à)Definitely agree. I’ve heard mashups where the original song takes on a whole new meaning. Shooting Superstars by The White Panda is a good example.

Bruneaux: i just like to spark people’s intrest. everyone wants to hear someting familiar, so i try to bring this thought of “oh i never thought these songs could go together”

DJ Improper: Yeah. A great one for that is Beethoven’s 5th Golddigger. A real classic that makes you go, WHAAAAAT?

Gutz: Bruneaux, that’s something i’m always surprised with. Yes, there some songs that are sampled lots of times but there are plenty of times where i’m like well that’s a nice choice of paired songs

The Airport District: Jessie’s Girl + I’d rather get some head did that to me. Classic combination by Girl Talk.

Gutz: We won’t ask where that song led you too.

Question: What’s your favorite popular/”mainstream” masher?

DJ Improper: A+D probably.

Bruneaux: Girl Talk

Gutz: yeah he’s good

DJ Improper: A+D and lobsterdust and ElectroSound are all high up for me. There are too many!

AbSRD: Kap Slap, still cant get over 151

DJ Improper: CAn’t pick 😦

Bruneaux: if The Airport District was here, he would say Bruneaux, lol

DJ Improper: no.

Gutz: there’s that shameless promotion


Mc Chubbzz: hahhaah

Bruneaux: hahaha, thats what i do

Gutz: haven’t heard A+D…i’ll have to check it out

AbSRD: same

DJ Improper: You’ve heard it. You just don’t know you’ve heard it.

Gutz: you see, even in the interview…we’re finding new songs

Gutz: oh and i’m liking this Hot’N’Cold mash

DJ Improper: ElectroSound 🙂

AbSRD: +1 for it

Bruneaux: i think we should all just find hot n cold mashes and only play those tonight lol

Gutz: yeah….about that

Bruneaux: haha

Gutz: if there’s 3 artists i can’t stand…it’s Lady gaga, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha, but in mashups, i can stand them for the most part. oh and Beyonce I can’t stand too

AbSRD: I’m going to make you a mash with all of them

Mc Chubbzz: No Justin Bieber?

Bruneaux: haha

Mc Chubbzz: Or do you just not consider him an artist, hahaha? Cause that’s how I think of him.

Gutz: like i’ve ever listened to the Biebz

AbSRD: oh the Biebz

Mc Chubbzz: I could put JBieb to shame if I got in front of someone who could promote me, hahaha

Bruneaux: see, i try to use a good bit of perry, gaga, and kesha because thats what everyone knows right now. but i’ll put a twist on it like putting the who behind kesha

Gutz: yeah, but you also sample a lot of songs in your mashes

Bruneaux: true

AbSRD: yeah I tried to make mine fluid and not jumpy like GT

Bruneaux: Same here, i try to make mine like a less ADD version of GT

DJ Improper: Yeah. The mashes I work on are very old school. Very N vs. X with little or no sampling or alterations.

Question: So we know what your favorite mainstream masher is. But what’s an artist that you like, that we may not have heard before?

DJ Improper: *opens mashup folder to take a look*

AbSRD: I’m not really big on mashups, I try to stay away so I don’t copy

Mc Chubbzz: I just started gettin in to mashups.. so I know close to nothing about artists besides I like the white panda. hah

Bruneaux: to be honest, i really like airport’s stuff. he has some good stuff for his first album and its going to be interesting to see what he does next

AbSRD: yeah I have been impressed with airport

DJ Improper: You should probably check out DJ Axel

DJ Improper: MC Chubbzz

Gutz: alright, we have some votes for Airport

Bruneaux: haha

Gutz: too bad he can’t be here to thank ya

DJ Improper: and Quickie Mart (if you haven’t already)

Gutz: and I’ll have to take a listen to DJ Axel

Bruneaux: i mean, i would vote for myself as part of my shameless self promotion, but i decided against it lol

Gutz: i’ve heard Quickie Mart

Gutz: well all you guys have my votes

AbSRD: sweet!!

Gutz: and you have been well received in the mashup.fm room, that’s for sure

Bruneaux: awwww, thanks gutz

DJ Improper: You’re the man, Gutz.

Mc Chubbzz: Preciate it. haha

Gutz: i’ll shamelessly promote you guys

Bruneaux: hahaha

Gutz: just make sure you guys send me your latest stuff

Bruneaux: of course

AbSRD: you know you’ll be the first

Gutz: thanks Sam, lol

Question: You’re in high school Chubbzz, right?

Mc Chubbzz: Yessir.

Gutz: how about everyone else?

AbSRD: year 2 of 5 in college

The Airport District: High school, yay! Junior next year.

DJ Improper: I would have just finished HS… had I not started college like a year and a half ago.

Bruneaux: 5 of a million years at university of georgia

Gutz: wow Airport…you’re young

The Airport District: Public high school’s a bit of joke, so I have loads of free time.

The Airport District: Yeah, I know haha. Started when I was 14.

Gutz: how do you guys balance mashing/dj-ing with your everyday life?

Mc Chubbzz: See I go to a private school, that gives us 5 hours of hw to do.. so I dont do it.

Gutz: i just finished my undergrad over at UA

Gutz: Bama

Bruneaux: roll tide

Mc Chubbzz: and I play ball on top of that

AbSRD: Yeah I’m studying to be an engineer and playing soccer, so my DJing/Mashup time typically comes at 12am-3am

Gutz: yeah, i think that’s when i heard your stuff abSRD

Gutz: late at night

AbSRD: haha yep

Bruneaux: other than class, all i did these past months was work on 2H2H

Bruneaux: once i got home, i just sat down at the laptop and went to work

Gutz: and it was damn good album

Bruneaux: thanks man…it was a long time in the making. I dont tell many people that its my 2nd album, because i hate the first one

Question: Any new tracks, or albums, you guys are coming out with?

AbSRD: I’m working towards a mixtape: W.M.D.

Gutz: Weapons of Mash Destruction?

AbSRD: yeah, real original right?

DJ Improper: Trying to make an entire album of rap vs. old time music and Appalachian fiddling.

Bruneaux: im waiting about a year or 2 until i start the next album

The Airport District: Working on a 2nd album. Not sure of the direction yet. It’s probably going to be different. Closer to Endtroducing era DJ Shadow than Girl Talk.

Mc Chubbzz: Haha Mine is called “One and Done, a tribute to John Wall”, except not really.

AbSRD: hahaha, do the john wall

Gutz: lol Trey…i’d download that

Bruneaux: im mainly doing a few side projects with some dj friends of mine and maybe a collab with AD sometime

Bruneaux: but for the most part, im working on my live set for gigs

The Airport District: What gigs? haha

Bruneaux: potential gigs

DJ Improper: I have a gig this coming Thursday.

AbSRD: I also have another side project with a bud of mine, abSRD Clipz, we’re actually producing original works

Gutz: speaking of gigs, you guys DJ live at clubs? or just come out with mixtapes?

The Airport District: Haven’t played live yet, but I’d love to sometime.

Mc Chubbzz: …I’m not old enough to get into clubs… *tear*

AbSRD: Yeah, I am a resident at a club in town

Gutz: well you’ll get there Trey, lol

AbSRD: I’m actually here right now

Mc Chubbzz: hahaha 6 months.

DJ Improper: I have a monthly gig and I do other stuff on the side… but being a student with no car can makes DJing difficult sometimes.

Bruneaux: ive distributed my album to a few bars/clubs downtown. but im mainly gonna spam the hell out of sororities and frats once school rolls around in the fall

Gutz: frats and sorority parties are a good way to go

The Airport District: I’m going to give away my CD when school starts again. And possibly hide it in library books and other places

DJ Improper: Yeah. By the end of this year I’ll have played NC, VA, MD, DC, NY, PA, and MA.

Bruneaux: i think so too. thats more of my target market

AbSRD: I’m going to play at Arkansas, Texas A&M, my school, Mizzou, Ok State, any others that want me this year

Gutz: i know White Panda came down here to T-Town before. They were well-received

Bruneaux: i have a bunch of greek friends here and im just gonna give them all my stuff…live shameless self promotions

Gutz: you got to promote somehow

Bruneaux: exactly

DJ Improper: Yeah. I just pass my facebook along by word of mouth.

Gutz: well Boom!!!NewMusic, SoSimpull.com, and MashupMixtapes will promote for y’all

AbSRD: like^^

Bruneaux: super like

True Final question…fave mashup song??? Go!!!

The Airport District: of all time!?

Gutz: or all time or recently

Gutz: which one has stuck in your head?

The Airport District: The White Panda – Shooting Superstars. Definitely. So good.

AbSRD: Snap it Up by Kap Slap

Mc Chubbzz: Hot N Cold Rain – The White Panda, or Escape Day N Night – The White Panda.

AbSRD: Dirt Off Your Shoulder vs Bittersweet Symphony

Bruneaux: once again – girl talk

AbSRD: either that or Snap It Up

DJ Improper: Could never pick a favorite like that. The Mashup scene is way too diverse for this kind of question.

AbSRD: not sure

Gutz: lol

Gutz: well regardless, mashups is a evergrowing genre

Gutz: and one that is looking bright with guys like you

AbSRD: awww thanks

Gutz: so I want to thank you guys for coming out and sharing your music/thoughts

The Airport District: Thanks!

Bruneaux: it’s nothing without people like you guys who promote it for us

The Airport District: I love you, Gutz.

Gutz: link me up with your latest albums/sites

The Airport District: and sorry about my internet, haha

Gutz: or tracks

AbSRD: yeah you are a huge help!!

Gutz: so i can make sure to post it up

The Airport District: http://theairportdistrict.tumblr.com everything should be there

AbSRD: you got it boss

AbSRD: take it easy guys

Bruneaux: http://lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com/

Gutz: Sam, if you told me 2 months ago that my blog would be where it is now

AbSRD: abSRD, out like a fat kid in dodgeball

Bruneaux: http://bruneaux.tumblr.com/

Gutz: i wouldn’t have believe you

AbSRD: really? well thats because of you

DJ Improper: http://tinyurl.com/dJimproper



But that first link is the only vital one. Thanks so much for the interview, Gutz.

Gutz: but Simp, Eep, and I are starting up the Mashup Mag

The Airport District: can’t wait for that

Gutz: and we got the mashup room going

Gutz: and my site is booming

Bruneaux: you guys are revolutionaries

Gutz: so i’m all for it

Gutz: yeah…and i’ll continue to do this as long as possible

AbSRD: yeah keep it up, cause we appreciate people like you

Gutz: abSRD link me up with your latest stuff

The Airport District: Until death do you part?

AbSRD: it really is a big help

Bruneaux: its the biggest help

Gutz: until law school possibly, but even then i’ll still be active (hopefully)

AbSRD: okay for real I’m out, take it easy and I’ll see you on TT

Bruneaux: one man cant shameless promote himself this much

Mc Chubbzz: pc guys

Bruneaux: later guys

Gutz: laters all

The Airport District: peas out yall

Gutz: see ya back in mashup.fm

For a copy of the full transcript, and I know you do, click on this link to my dropbox: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22779483/Home-Grown%20Artist%20Interview.docx

Info on All Artists:


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bruneauxmusic

Main Site: http://bruneaux.tumblr.com/

Souncloud: http://soundcloud.com/bruneaux


Facebook/Main Site: http://www.facebook.com/abSRD

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/djabsrd

The Airport District:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theairportdistrict

Main Site: http://theairportdistrict.tumblr.com/

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/theairportdistrict

DJ Improper

Facebook/Main Site: http://tinyurl.com/dJimproper

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/djimproper

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    • Post what? A new interview or post new songs? I took a week off to get some business taken care of, but you can start seeing new stuff by either Sunday or Monday

  6. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cut it. The amount of appreciation I have for you to play our music and take the time to do things like this? Amazing

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