Dev-Run: New Electro/House Masher

DevRun is an upcoming DJ who has made some serious headway with his electronic and dance sets. Having already appeared on stage with The Cataracs, HyperCrush, Peace Treaty, and Porter Robinson, DevRun has already done a great job in the EDM genre. However, he has now started to delve into the mashup genre as well. Relying on his experience within EDM, DevRun does a great job of mashing up various Electronic tracks ranging from Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, and more. So if EDM is your thing, check out DevRun’s tracks below…(And yes, these tracks are perfect for Clubs/Rage Parties/House Parties) Continue reading

Sunset Season with some Man Talk

Got some fresh new tracks from DJ Trademark and Wick-It. Trademark gives us a track that he says is “the last-bit-of-summer-jam that you need for your car, your iPod, your whatever”. And frankly, I agree with him. The track is definitely deserving up being uploaded to whatever device you listen to your music with whether it be a computer/laptop, iPod, Zune, etc. Wick-It’s new track has a more funky feel to it in my opinion, but that’s what makes it stand out. It’s not a normal dance track in which you go crazy with, but it is however a track that has some feel-good vibes and is deserving of many plays. Make sure you share these songs with your friends, your friends’ friends, your family, and even random people. They will be sure to thank you. Check out the tracks below Continue reading

3LAU & Sex Ray Vision

3LAU and Sex Ray Vision have teamed up to bring us a great remix to a track of Tiesto’s. While the track is currently unreleased, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to hear it over in Mashupfm over at Turntable. So the fact that it’s battling for the top spot in Tiesto’s Remix Contest isn’t a shock at all. Show 3LAU and Sex Ray Vision some love and vote them up. Vote here: 3LAU and Sex Ray Vision’s Submission (fyi the image below doesn’t send you to Tiesto’s page. For some reason, when I link it to the image it doesn’t register. Click this link to get to Tiesto’s Remix Contest page:

Some new Kap; some new tracks; a new week

I’m starting off my Monday afternoon with some new Kap Slap that dropped last night. Could I be more excited? Kap ingeniously mashed together the spoof video “Paper Towels” with some La Roux, Britney Spears, Deadmau5, and Lazy Rich. The result: another great track (which has come to be expected from Kap). At first, I wasn’t too sure of La Roux being paired with that intro beat, but it grew on me after a couple more listens. However, probably my favorite part of the track is the Paper Towels guy. Definitely not something that I expected from Kap, but it works will in both a mashup and comedic way. Also throwing up some tracks (electro, mashups, dubstep) for your listening pleasure. Not too bad of a way to start the week. Continue reading

A Message to the Fake DJs: We Gonna Find You

So I’m going to go on a little rant here for a little bit. Yeah yeah, this blog is about music…but at the same time, it’s about making sure the artists who come up with the tracks are accurately credited for the hard work that they put in. I recently heard of a “DJ T-Fienz” (or something to that nature) who had been taking credit, or essentially stealing, for the hard work that had been done by DJ Trademark, Yoni, DJ Dibella, and possibly others and reselling them as his own work. In one word…despicable. Continue reading

Nothing today, but I need your Input

So I’m not putting out any new tracks today (as of now), but I wanted to get some input for songs for next week. I’m thinking about doing a theme/chain tracks for posts every day next week. Monday = Marvin Gaye mashups, Friday = Rebecca Black mashups (in honor of it being Friday), but I need some suggestions on what I should do for themes for the days in between. Comment below, and I’ll announce the “winners” either Saturday night/Sunday afternoon.

Torpeedoh, DJ BigRed, and DJ Epic

Some new stuff here. First a new track by Torpeedoh, who has been getting some good plays over in the Mashupfm room. And some new DJs to B!!!NM are included as well. DJ BigRed is a member of Radical Something, but he also is an apt DJ that throws down some electro tracks, dub tracks, and also mashups. A DJ of all trades, one could say. DJ Epic sent me his stuff, and I enjoyed it enough to post up the track up here, so tell me what you think of the songs in the Comment section below… Continue reading

Radical Something? Why Yes Please

So there’s just something about Radical Something in which I love all their tracks. Maybe it’s the great connection that Loggy and Josh Cocktail have between Josh’s singing, and Loggy’s flow; maybe it’s the beats that Big Red lays down; heck if I know, but all I know is that all their tracks are great tracks to chill and relax to. Included below is an acoustic jam between the guys, in which their camaraderie is immediately apparent, their latest music video of Escape, and their great track that started it all Be Easy. So take a listen below, kick back grab a brew (or your preferred beverage), and enjoy yourself some Radical Something.

Continue reading

DJ Change’s latest track and other Must Downloads

It’s getting hard to keep track of all the songs that I have (newly added and older ones) but it’s never hard for me to just bring up iTunes and have a track that won’t get me bobbing playing right away. DJ Change brings us another track that can be easily categorized in such a group. A MUST DOWNLOAD in my opinion, so make sure you jump on it and download below. The intro has a nice little quality about it that gets you going right away (possibly fist-pumping down low?) and Pitbull starts the mashup extravaganza that DJ Change has created. Make sure you check out his other tracks that can be found in the blog… Continue reading