New Artist No. 2: DJ Stroke

How DJ Stroke was hidden from us, I honestly don’t know. HOWEVER, he was kind enough to send me some of his stuff during a session of TT…and with the amount of tracks he has available on his bandcamp account, well he definitely has some great tracks and full of variety. Posting some tracks from each of his last 2 albums (that are free downloads, if free download count isn’t full) so make sure to like him up on Facebook and download his albums…

DJ Stroke – Entire Rap vs. Rock Album

Recommended: Track No. 7  Forgot About Using Handlebars, No. 8 Don’t Stop The Dynam”Oi”te, No. 11 Sing For The Misery. All tracks are good though 🙂

DJ Stroke – Mixing Up A Baker’s Dozen Album

Song: Coming Home to Gold, Guns, and Head’s Ringin

Song: Big Poppa’s Gorgeous Kush



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