B!!!NM’s 5K View Post

So it’s finally arrived. I have passed the 5,000 view threshold and as a thank you for everyone who has dropped by once, twice, or many times, I want to post a massive track with music galore. Some of the tracks may have already been posted on here before, but I want to provide you guys with music that is deserving to be posted, and all the artists that have been on B!!!NM are more than worthy. So here’s the deal, I’m posting a continuous mix, or track set, from select mashers and/or full albums from select mashers. Included on this post are fan favorites Bruneaux and Dotcom, mashup extraordinaires Kap Slap and 3LAU, and brand new artists DJ Change and DJ Bahler and more. So get your fix of mashup songs (maybe even some Dubstep and electro tracks as well) here on B!!!NM. Once again I want to say thank you for everyone who has dropped by, and thank you to the mashers and artists who make the music for us, the fans, to listen to. Keep doing what you’re doing.


P.S. As of the time that this post was ready to drop, I ventured into the 5,100 mark. So sorry for the delay, but I wanted to make sure all was good, nay great, for you guys.

Mashup Extraordinaires

  • 3LAU

Top 10 Downloaded Tracks

  • Kap Slap

AA: Audio Appropriation

151 [Remastered]

Fan Favorites

  • Dotcom

The Pants Party

All Songs

  • Bruneaux

Too Hot To Hoot

If you haven’t noticed, all of Bruneaux’s tracks (and album title) are palindromes 🙂 Skill

  • Mitch-Mash

Boom!!!NewMusic 5K Setasaurus Rex

Thanks to Mitch for putting together an 8-track set for my 5K post which includes a previously unreleased A+B mash called “Super Me”.

  • abSRD

B!!!NM 5K!!

  • The Airport District

The Airport District

  • DJ Rudy

The Pregame (Continuous Party Mix)

Brand New to B!!!NM

  • DJ Change

CHANGE up the Party

  • DJ Bahler

Free The Snares

DL Link here: http://www.mediafire.com/?a1zejy8ekjkinpi

Requested Tracks

  • Titus Jones – Hello Girl, Let’s Party til the End

  • Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks (Butch Clancy Remix)

  • Bruneaux – Inspector Butters Theme Song

  • Wick-It – Look at Mexico Now

7 thoughts on “B!!!NM’s 5K View Post

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  2. I want to say thanks too. I know it takes a lot of dedication to post as often as you do. Your entries make my 9 to 5 a lot more bearable. Here’s to the next 5K!

    • Thanks for the comment Dustin. Not going to lie, it gets a little rough and I need a day or two off sometimes. But, getting new music not only for myself but letting others know about it too is definitely rewarding. Maybe within the next 3 months we’ll get to 10k…but not too worried about the views, just want to keep the quality mashes and songs top-notch

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