A Message to the Fake DJs: We Gonna Find You

So I’m going to go on a little rant here for a little bit. Yeah yeah, this blog is about music…but at the same time, it’s about making sure the artists who come up with the tracks are accurately credited for the hard work that they put in. I recently heard of a “DJ T-Fienz” (or something to that nature) who had been taking credit, or essentially stealing, for the hard work that had been done by DJ Trademark, Yoni, DJ Dibella, and possibly others and reselling them as his own work. In one word…despicable. While I may not be able to make music/mashes, especially not on the level of the DJs that are posted on this blog, I have enough dignity, honor, respect, whatever you want to call it, to not put my name down as the maker of a work that I did not partake in. If you don’t have the skill to make mashups with the quality that these guys do, that’s fine. I say keep working on your craft and keep practicing because that, not only helps you learn new techniques, but you also learn how much work goes in to making these things. Don’t take the easy way out and just slap your name on someone else’s track and call it your own. One, you’re cheating yourself and even worse, you’re cheating the actual DJ who sat down in front of the comp and put in the time. Yeah, us bloggers may not always give the correct DJ credit for tracks that we may post, but I would say that we aren’t doing it on purpose or to spite you (hopefully). Case in point, I have no problem admitting that my blog, B!!!NM, was mistakenly led to believe that a couple of tracks were done by McChubbzz. In fact, McChubbzz led an entire mashup community on Turntable to believe that he was making legit mashups. His mashes even led him to be interviewed with a couple other DJs, who were also impressed by his talent. However, I was informed via email and through a comment that the works that McChubbzz had acknowledged as his own, were in fact the work of another DJ by the name of The Colonel. Needless to say, I was immediately ashamed and obviously upset. With the expansiveness of the internet, it is nearly impossible to scour every corner. And when it comes to music, it becomes even harder. Yet, I do not want to make this my excuse. I immediately rectified the problem, and gave full credit to The Colonel and took down all posts that mentioned McChubbzz. The only part in which McChubbzz remains is in the interview in which he has been striked through, as a reminder not only to myself, but to others that I do not applaud, nor praise, people who wrongly take credit for music that is not their own. For those who do steal credit, be warned that the music community and loyal fans to the actual DJs will find you out, and call you out for the person you are: a liar, a thief, and a person who takes the easy way out. Oh and in case you were wondering, McChubbzz deleted all contact with me and when I tried to initiate contact with him, I was rebuffed. “DJ T-Feinz”‘s accounts (including bandcamp, soundcloud, facebook, twitter, etc.) were also “mysteriously” taken down. SO…yeah, had to put my two cents in and as always support the TRUE DJs who take the time to make their music and I’ll always spread the word on you guys.


6 thoughts on “A Message to the Fake DJs: We Gonna Find You

  1. Thank you for this post. It already happened to me a couple of times ! Once the guy was so stupid, he even said i stole from him ! Unbelievable ! Well, sadly, it’s often very young DJ who just want some attention without the work.

  2. what do you mean by stealing exactly? can a DJ play another DJ’s mashup or mix at there gigs? or on there mixtape?

    • That I would say is perfectly fine, because then the DJ would be giving credit (or should be) to the appropriate artist. However, in regards to these two specific cases, the fakers were taking 100% credit for work they had never done; hence, stealing. Hope that clears up what I meant. Feel free to message me back if it didnt

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