Some new Kap; some new tracks; a new week

I’m starting off my Monday afternoon with some new Kap Slap that dropped last night. Could I be more excited? Kap ingeniously mashed together the spoof video “Paper Towels” with some La Roux, Britney Spears, Deadmau5, and Lazy Rich. The result: another great track (which has come to be expected from Kap). At first, I wasn’t too sure of La Roux being paired with that intro beat, but it grew on me after a couple more listens. However, probably my favorite part of the track is the Paper Towels guy. Definitely not something that I expected from Kap, but it works will in both a mashup and comedic way. Also throwing up some tracks (electro, mashups, dubstep) for your listening pleasure. Not too bad of a way to start the week.

Kap Slap – Paper Towels!

Avicii & David Guetta – Sunshine

So we got 2 of the biggest electronic names out there collaborating on one track. That must be a good thing, right? David Guetta and Avicii team up together to create a great house track. It’s not necessarily an absolute banger with heavy drops, but it makes use of some great synth lines.

Big Gigantic – Rise and Shine

Kinda stumbled upon this track via youtube and while I had never heard of Big Gigantic, I was intrigued with what I was hearing. Little did I know that I was going to be getting a mix of electro, a small taste of dubstep, with a pinch of sax. All that is available for now is a youtube video of this song, so I don’t know if this is the complete track…but I shall be on the lookout.

DJ Stroke – Fuck You, Pay Me!

I’ve always been a fan of Rusko’s “Hold On” track, which has also been used by King Fantastic in an epic track of his. So once I heard this new dub mashup by DJ Stroke, I had high expectations. Simply put, DJ Stroke didn’t disappoint. Great track right here for you fans of dubstep and dubstep mashups.

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