Sunset Season with some Man Talk

Got some fresh new tracks from DJ Trademark and Wick-It. Trademark gives us a track that he says is “the last-bit-of-summer-jam that you need for your car, your iPod, your whatever”. And frankly, I agree with him. The track is definitely deserving up being uploaded to whatever device you listen to your music with whether it be a computer/laptop, iPod, Zune, etc. Wick-It’s new track has a more funky feel to it in my opinion, but that’s what makes it stand out. It’s not a normal dance track in which you go crazy with, but it is however a track that has some feel-good vibes and is deserving of many plays. Make sure you share these songs with your friends, your friends’ friends, your family, and even random people. They will be sure to thank you. Check out the tracks below

DJ Trademark – Sunset Season

Music Video to Sunset Season

Wick-It – Man Talk

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