EA Friday’s #2

So I had a massive electro playlist set up, but my computer crashed causing me to lose all the data/files/etc. But luckily, I have a banging 1 hour electro Party/Pregame mix done by DJ Epic. Epic certainly lives up to his name with a mix like this…it’s perfect for an hour workout session, get the party started and going, pretty much everything. 20 different tracks, including tracks that have already been featured here, all compiled into a very clean mix. Some tracks include 3LAU’s JaggerBomb, Krewella’s One Minute, Nammo’s Stereo Calling, and Kap Slap’s Paper Towels. Get your weekend started right with DJ Epic’s Pregame Music Vol. 8 (and expect a double dose of EA Friday’s next friday)… Continue reading

DJ Burnout – Changes

So that MIP (Mash in Progress) track that I posted earlier for DJ Burnout (found here) has been completed. Kudos to Burnout for finishing the track so quickly and releasing it to the fans fast too. Now, Burnout definitely doesn’t disappoint with this heavy hip hop influenced mash, including vocals from Eminem, Tupac, Chingy, and Mims. Tupac’s flow goes extremely well with Eminem’s Going Through Changes instrumental/beat. Definitely a nice change of pace from the electro infused mashups. Listen and download below… Continue reading

Nammo – Walking on a Gucci Replica

It’s a hectic day today, but listening to the new track done by Nammo (known before as DJ Nammo) helps me get through the day. With some great visuals done by Vienna (who has also worked with 3LAU), the track itself is dope. A great introductory beat with vocals starting off with Kreayshawn, I love how everything fits well together. There is no one aspect that drowns out the other, but rather everything complements each other spectacularly. Check the video below w/ an option to download following… Continue reading

Drip Drop – Bangab!tch

Fresh off the Skrillex Bangarang post from yesterday (see here), it wasn’t long after when I heard that Drip Drop was working on a mash that included the track from Skrillex. I thought that it was slightly ambitious to try and work on a mash that had a sample that has just started to get plays, but Drip Drop proved me wrong. In fact, this mashup by Drip Drop may be even better at highlighting the beat, and all because of the vocal samples that he used. Deciding to use Ludacris was a great choice (even though his voice is slightly altered at times). Definitely take a listen and cop this track below… Continue reading

Joey Beatz – No Beef Feels So Close

I honestly couldn’t tell you how big a fan I am of this track. The first 45 seconds of the track leaves you believing that the track is building up to something big, but then it throws you in a completely different direction with the girl vocals and piano/keyboard sample. You just can’t help but lose your eyes and let yourself get caught up in the track at this point but before you get completely chilled out, Joey Beatz brings the beat back to get the track going. It’s not a heavy drop by any means, but I just can’t help to start bobbing and moving to the track. A great progressive house mashup, and one that may be in my top 3 mashes to date. Also included is his Down on Yellow and Black mashup, so listen and download below… Continue reading

New B!NM Addition: DJ Burnout

I am proud to bring everyone a new DJ to B!NM. Coming highly recommended from his peers and having been one of the DJs in the Swagged Out Vol. 2 album (see here for post), I present y’all DJ Burnout. From the NYC City area, but currently living in the DC area, DJ Burnout has been DJ-ing for a couple of years with experience in Electro House, Dirty Dutch, Dubstep, and now getting into the Mashup game. Already with tons of mashes to his name, I’m posting a select few (including his newest release) that will make you question why you hadn’t heard of this guy before (if you haven’t). Burnout does a great job of incorporating hip hop tracks and taking them in a whole new direction with a different beat, whether the beat be electro, dubstep, or chill. Definitely be expecting more stuff from DJ Burnout in the future. Listen and download below… Continue reading

Skrillex – Bangarang

Getting straight to the point on this one, as dinner is almost ready…BUT Skrillex’s new track titled Bangarang is crazy crazy good. Not as fast paced as some of his other stuff (I read that the track is around 110 BPM), but the vibe and the…you know what, I’m just going to shut up and tell you to listen to it. Just plain sick nasty goodContinue reading

Butch Clancy – Pumped Up Kicks Dubstep Remix

So I had heard this song a couple of times, and thought it was pretty dope, but didn’t want to inundate you guys with tons and tons of music that dealt with Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks track. Well after being sent this video (thanks Rob) of some guy just making a sick track even more sick, I decided to throw the track up. Prepared to be astounded by the track and the video at the same time. Enjoy… Continue reading

DJ Change – I Like Skrillex

So, you either like Skrillex or you hate him. Personally, I like his crazy fast-paced tracks, the drops and the buildups, the intensity of his tracks. Now what DJ Change has done with combining two Skrillex tracks intensifies both Skrillex’s Love in Motion and his Reptile theme song. I love how the intro has that gameboy-type beat with a more passive intro that concentrates on the vocals. Simplistic yet still manages to capture your attention. Now once the drop occurs, DJ Change throws on the insanity that is Reptile. Even with the passive intro, the transition is smooth and very well done. Listen and download below… Continue reading

Mr. Rogers Productions – Sweaty Romance

So I’m not sure how this escaped my ears, and how this hasn’t picked up more steam…but Mr. Rogers has delivered another great track. He’s certainly moved out of his neighborhood and delivering world-class tracks (see what I did there?). Combining 12 different samples including Twista, Fatman Scoop, David Guetta with Afrojack, Ludacris, Britney Spears, and more, Mr. Rogers gives us a track that gets straight down to business. While I’ve never been a fan of Lady Gaga at all, I like the effect that Mr. Rogers gives to her voice as it adds a different spin to the track. Keeping the track fun with a beat that definitely is made for a club, Mr. Rogers has created a mashup that is deserving of many plays and downloads. So take a listen and download below… Continue reading