DJ Nammo: Getting the Weekend Started on a Thursday

So here’s a new artist for you by the name of DJ Nammo, to get the weekend started early for you. I had listened to this guy a long time before, but with time he had slipped my mind. Not really sure how someone this talented can slip your mind, but hey, I’m not perfect. Fortunately, I was reminded of his talent in 2 ways: 1) my iPod which seems to play my good old stuff more and more these days, and 2) I ran into DJ Nammo online via the mashupfm room. Coincidence? Maybe. But my ears are certainly not complaining, and neither should yours once you take a listen and download.

DJ Nammo – Stereo Calling

DJ Nammo’s latest track is a house anthem that uses Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso’s Calling and pairing it with Edward Maya’s Stereo Love. The progressive buildup is definitely a nice touch, and even if you’re not a fan of house music…I’m sure you’ll find yourself digging this song.

DJ Nammo – Party Hustlin Low Like a G6

DJ Nammo – Blow It 3×76 Against ET

Update: Here’s a DL Link not in .wav format ( )

DJ Nammo – Hello We R Friday Night

DL Link:

DJ Nammo – Ride de Floor, Alors on Dynamite

DL Link:

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