Album #2: DJ i6 “Structure and Flow”

So you came back for more, huh? Well how about a double album from DJ i6? That’s exactly what you’re going to get. DJ i6 came out with this monster double album titled Structure and Flow, and damns…that’s all I have to say. What’s the difference you ask? Well Structure consists of individual mashes while Flow is a continuous album that “flows” together from track to track. Not sure if I’ve seen an artist come out with an album that has both individual and continuous mashes in one complete project, but DJ i6 has created something truly special. In the words of Bruneaux, who is usually a harsh critic,: “He’s really flaunting that he can do both, which I think is badass. It’s a very good album…and that’s coming from a tough fucking critic, lol”. Listen and download below…

DJ i6 – Structure and Flow



DL Link for both:

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