3LAU – Dance Floor Filth

So my man 3LAU has finally released his insanely filthy album, appropriately called Dance Floor Filth, and it doesn’t disappoint during any of the 12 tracks. While most of these have been available on his Soundcloud account (http://soundcloud.com/3lau), having them compiled into an album like this seems to take the music listening experience to another level. 3LAU wisely opens up with his massive banger “Jagger Bomb” – which lets you know right away that 3LAU isn’t messing around – and follows it up with one of his most successful tracks “All Night Long”. Yet this isn’t the same “All Night Long” track; 3LAU chose to remaster this track, along with a couple others, for this album. In all, there are 4 new songs (“new” meaning having been released in the past month or so) which are all high-intensity tracks, which seems to be a common theme for this album. So congrats to 3LAU for releasing such a filthy album, and make sure to take a listen to some of the tracks found and download from 3LAU’s official site found below…

DL LINK TO ALBUM: http://3lau.com/music/ (or click the image above)

And a message from 3LAU himself:

“Dance Floor Filth will mark the 1ST of 3 Stages of my career as an artist. Blending two of my favorite genres, I’ve made that filth, you know, the kind that makes you wanna tear down the walls. The next 2 stages will involve much more original production, and the addition of my own vocals. Download from my website for free, listen, rage.

– Justin”

Track List:

1 Jagger Bomb
2 All Night Long (Remastered)
3 Dancing In The Backseat (Remastered)
4 I-3low
5 Girls Who Save The World
6 Turbulent Rock Anthem
7 Rave Dirty
8 Yacht Week In America
9 E.T. Youth Take Shots
10 E.T. feels starry eyed (remash)
11 Dubsex
12 Work Hard, Play Hard w/ sex ray remix

3LAU – Jagger Bomb

3LAU – All Night Long

3LAU & Sex Ray Vision Remix – Work Hard, Play Hard

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