B!NM is now an official site

So I’ve taken the next step in legitimizing my music blog. I have obtained the domain name for Boom!NewMusic, so now you don’t have to type in boomnewmusic.wordpress.com, instead you can just type in www.boomnewmusic.com and it will direct you to my blog. If you are still using boomnewmusic.wordpress.com, it’ll just redirect you to the actual site. I want to personally thank Aaron aka SoSimpull for all his help in helping me get the site up and running. Without his help, I’d still probably be trying to figure out what I needed to do.  And above all, I want to thank all the people who have stopped by even once to check out my blog. I started with very small aspirations, and it has grown faster than I expected…and for that I promise you to keep posting you quality tracks for your listening pleasures as much as I can.

– Gutz

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