The Friendly Giant – Vamos A Los Levels

So I was emailed this track awhile back, but with all that I’ve been having to do in Chile, it got lost in all my emails. Disappointing on my part because this is a track that definitely needs to be shared with you guys. Now you may be thinking, “Ugh, another Levels mashup…”, and yeah, it’s another Levels mashup. But, this is a new and different take on Avicii’s “Levels” that is extremely refreshing. Combining Loona’s “Vamos a la Playa” song with Avicii had me nodding to the song the entire time. This isn’t necessarily a club banger type of song, but it is definitely one you can just play during office hours or while your driving to lighten the mood. Take a listen and download below…

The Friendly Giant – Vamos a los Levels

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