Caution: Insanely bass heavy music provided by DJ Signs

So I’ve heard my fair share of heavy dubstep/heavy electro tracks/heavy bangers, and honestly I love it. Just hearing the barely audible pounding of your neighbors fists against your walls telling you to quiet down, the bass from your subwoofer coursing through your entire room, and seeing the waves rippling across your choice of beverage while your music is playing is a great feeling. And if you’re looking for a new artist to further your escapades into bass heavy tracks, you definitely need to check out DJ Signs. Hailing from the state of Texas (maybe Texas really does it bigger), DJ Signs brings the raw power of various dubstep tracks and mixes them together to create his own monster track. I’m of the belief that dubstep tracks should not be mixed together because they each have their own unique bass signature, but DJ Signs throws that thought out the window real quick. If you don’t like bass-filled, heavy thumping, music bumping tracks then the first track isn’t for you…and neither is the second, or the third. If, however, you want to turn up the bass and impress your entire dorm floor with your system, well DJ Signs can certainly help you in that regard. Listen and download below…

DJ Signs – The Darkness

DJ Signs – In The Shadows

DJ Signs – Powerhouse

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