I am utterly speechless when it comes to listening to the nirvana-like music that Cazzette produces. This is some of the gnarliest, most epic, jaw-dropping, etc. music that I have heard in a long time. The effects that Cazzette produces are insanely good, and they put such a unique touch upon the track that Cazzette is altering that it makes the original track about 100x better. Case in point: Adele’s original Set Fire to the Rain is a track that highlights Adele’s vocal ability with a beat that takes a backseat, until the chorus when it strengthens to complement Adele’s singing. However, once Cazzette gets done with his bootleg of the track, he transforms it to an dub house/electro banger that changes tempo regularly to draw you in and get you amped up for the drop at the same time. Literally lost for words on the epicness of this track. DEFINITELY A MUST HEAR AND DOWNLOAD

Cazzette – Set Fire to the Rain (A Stupid Hole Bootleg)

DL Link: Set Fire to the Rain Download

Cazzette – Look at Me Now (Cazzette ‘Ode to the Congo Bootleg pt II) Preview

Cazzette – Sweet Dreams (Cazzette Meet at Night Mix) Preview

A Possible full Track on Youtube here:

Cazzette – Save the World (Cazzette Dubby Steppy Bootleg)

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