New B!NM Addition: DJ Burnout

I am proud to bring everyone a new DJ to B!NM. Coming highly recommended from his peers and having been one of the DJs in the Swagged Out Vol. 2 album (see here for post), I present y’all DJ Burnout. From the NYC City area, but currently living in the DC area, DJ Burnout has been DJ-ing for a couple of years with experience in Electro House, Dirty Dutch, Dubstep, and now getting into the Mashup game. Already with tons of mashes to his name, I’m posting a select few (including his newest release) that will make you question why you hadn’t heard of this guy before (if you haven’t). Burnout does a great job of incorporating hip hop tracks and taking them in a whole new direction with a different beat, whether the beat be electro, dubstep, or chill. Definitely be expecting more stuff from DJ Burnout in the future. Listen and download below…

DJ Burnout – Digital Girls

DJ Burnout – Hard to Let Me In

DJ Burnout – Kiss Cannons

DJ Burnout – I Want You to Kill Em

And with permission from DJ Burnout, I’m posting an unreleased Mash In Progress. This isn’t the final version, but I have it from the DJ himself that it’s almost complete. Downloads will be disabled for now, but shoot DJ Burnout a message through his fb page (found here) and tell him to release this ASAP.

DJ Burnout – Changes

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