DJ Strongarm – Awesome Title [for MDC]

How many samples does it take to create a sick mashup? I don’t know if there is a correct answer to that question, but in the case of DJ Strongarm‘s Awesome Title [for MDC] it seems that magical number is 25. In his own words, “25 samples in 3:30. Can you handle it?” And that truly is the question. Each vocal sample flows seamlessly into the next one very similar to DJ Earworm, and the instrumental track is a dope electronic track that carries each vocal sample well. But take a listen below, and if you can handle it grab the download as well… Continue reading

Dotcom – Stronger Toys

How goes it everyone? We’re getting close to Halloween so there are plenty of Halloween-themed mashups being created, yet it is still nice to give notice to the non-Halloween mashups. Stronger Toys by Dotcom is one such track – filthy effects, electro to the fullest, and the Kanye vocals fits in perfectly. I had never heard the instrumental track, Toy Story by David Guetta, but it’s definitely something that I enjoyed. Even if Kanye can be a prick and an attention whore, there is no denying that he has skill…skills that Dotcom has focused into one banging track for your listening (and partying) pleasure. So take a listen and download below… Continue reading

Manila Killa – Fix You (Coldplay Uplifter Remix)

There are few artists that with every song they put out, I will absolutely love. One such artist is Manila Killa. Now I’m not an overly huge fan of Coldplay, but Manila absolutely kills this track. I want to make sure to let you know that this isn’t a mashup, but rather original production to create a remix to Coldplay’s Fix You track. It has a chill element at the beginning but once the beat starts picking up, you’re definitely in for a treat. Manila has let me know that he is wanting to start putting out original music, and if this is any indication for what he will produce in the future then I like the direction he is headed in. Take a listen and download below…

Continue reading

DJ abSRD – Three Cheers For Tonight

My man abSRD has done it again. Creating Three Cheers for Tonight, abSRD gives us an upbeat electro/dance mash that certainly fits his style. Heck, he even included my hispanic brother (no, we’re not actually related or I would be seeing Anna Kournikova more often) Enrique Iglesias and the rap group that I heard during P.E. when I was a little kid: Tag Team. Yeah, after a couple plays the song really grew on me, so I’ll just tell you that it is a must download. So listen and download below… Continue reading

Mashachusetts – Loud Noises Mixtape

First sponsored mixtape? Yeps, B!NM is at that level, and I am proud to say that Mashachusetts‘ Loud Noises mixtape is damn good for my first sponsorship. Mashachusetts, consisting of Cameron and Sam, have been a duo since late 2009 and the time they have spent together shows in the quality mashes they create. While they both dj individually around the Boston area, their main focus is “on mashups and producing”.

Taking electro/dance tracks and laying Top 40 vocal samples on top of the electro tracks, Mashachusetts has created a great mixtape perfect for your party needs. With the high quality mashups that this duo have created, it’s hard for me to think that this is their first album/mixtape. Originally Loud Noises was to be released on October 31st, but due to high demand (and a need to have these tracks for your Halloween party) Mashachusetts surprised us with an early release. Maybe it’s just confidence in their music, but the early release is definitely a gift to the mashup community. So take a moment to like Mashachusetts FB page, take a moment to prepare a mass text to everyone you know in the case you feel the urge to party afterward, and get to listening and downloading below. The ability to stream the songs via Soundcloud will be available, as well as the link to the full album, below… Continue reading

DJ CHANGE – Lessons Without You

DJ CHANGE gives us a fresh track right after the release of Kaskade’s Fire and Ice album (if you haven’t gotten it yet, you should definitely drop by the iTunes store and pick it up). Sampling Kaskade’s Lessons In Love, CHANGE creates a banger fit for any party. Honestly I think this mash is worthy of being on Kaskade’s own album…yeah it’s that good in my opinion. So while you guys get to listening and downloading, I’ll continue my writing (but I’ll still jam out cuz it’s what I do)… Continue reading

A Vandal’s Lie – What You Know About Jagger

So it has been some time since I posted anything new on the site, I apologize about that. Being overseas and trying to find a job takes up more time than I previously thought, but I got some great new tracks for you guys to hear. And we’ll get the music started with the newest track by A Vandal’s Lie titled What You Know About Jagger. Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger track has been hot as of late within the mashup community, and Vandal does a great job incorporating the track and maintaining it’s fun and upbeat vibe. The track instantly had me hooked, so take a listen and download below… Continue reading

Bruneaux – FirePokeMan

I don’t even know what to say about this…It’s hilarious, it works, it’s great. Bruneaux really shows his diversity and his ability to mash anything together and make it interesting. I’ve heard this is the first of many pokemon-themed mashups, so we shall see what he has in store in the future for us. Listen and download below… Continue reading

Jungle Juice – V.Becks New Album

Well my girl V.Becks has finally dropped her debut album, titled Jungle Juice. It’s been out for a couple of days, and people have been downloading it like it’s the new iOS5. I’m not sure if it’s at the iOS5 level (because really, who can compete with Steve Jobs – may he RIP), but it is an album that lets us all know that V.Becks means business. She mixes up the tracks fairly well with some dubstep instrumentals, with some electro instrumentals, hip-hop vocals, female vocals, everything you could possibly want from a debut album. 9 tracks for your listening pleasure, so check it out below and make sure you grab the download that is included as well… Continue reading

EA Fridays #3

Here’s the third installment of EA Fridays, but these tracks are a little bit more dubby rather than straight electro. Regardless these tracks are great to blast on your speaker, so make sure you check out the “Electronic Anything” room over on Turntable and listen to the other great tracks they play. “The Call (Eyes Remix)” has a very nice and soothing intro before it drops into something astoundingly heavy, making it my song of choice within the group. Listen and download below… Continue reading