Mashachusetts – Loud Noises Mixtape

First sponsored mixtape? Yeps, B!NM is at that level, and I am proud to say that Mashachusetts‘ Loud Noises mixtape is damn good for my first sponsorship. Mashachusetts, consisting of Cameron and Sam, have been a duo since late 2009 and the time they have spent together shows in the quality mashes they create. While they both dj individually around the Boston area, their main focus is “on mashups and producing”.

Taking electro/dance tracks and laying Top 40 vocal samples on top of the electro tracks, Mashachusetts has created a great mixtape perfect for your party needs. With the high quality mashups that this duo have created, it’s hard for me to think that this is their first album/mixtape. Originally Loud Noises was to be released on October 31st, but due to high demand (and a need to have these tracks for your Halloween party) Mashachusetts surprised us with an early release. Maybe it’s just confidence in their music, but the early release is definitely a gift to the mashup community. So take a moment to like Mashachusetts FB page, take a moment to prepare a mass text to everyone you know in the case you feel the urge to party afterward, and get to listening and downloading below. The ability to stream the songs via Soundcloud will be available, as well as the link to the full album, below…

Mashachusetts – Loud Noises Mixtape


If you have any trouble with the download, hit me up in an email or the comments below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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