A Vandal’s Lie – At My Leisure

Wasn’t really planning on posting another track tonight…but then this song came on and I had to put it up for y’all. My man, Vandal, or A Vandal’s Lie to y’all went beast mode with this mashup. I can’t even count how many samples there are, nor do I want to. My reasoning? Because it’s too damn good to try and figure it out instead of enjoying the beauty of the track. Samples are perfectly paired together creating some interesting pairings and at other times creating something perfect. Continue reading

I’m BACK!!!!

I’m back for a post…and it has certainly been a long time coming. If you haven’t heard, I’ve moved down to Chile and was busy looking for work. WELL, I got something in the works so that’s taken up a good chunk of time. I’ve also been running Mashup Mondays for both The Kollection and EARMILK…so that has been taking up lots of my blogging time. I’m going to try and make more of an effort to post up more during the week, but my main weekly posts will be done on those sites. BUT in the meantime, check out this dope live mashup video done by Ithaca Audio after the jump… Continue reading