Dotcom – Stronger Toys

How goes it everyone? We’re getting close to Halloween so there are plenty of Halloween-themed mashups being created, yet it is still nice to give notice to the non-Halloween mashups. Stronger Toys by Dotcom is one such track – filthy effects, electro to the fullest, and the Kanye vocals fits in perfectly. I had never heard the instrumental track, Toy Story by David Guetta, but it’s definitely something that I enjoyed. Even if Kanye can be a prick and an attention whore, there is no denying that he has skill…skills that Dotcom has focused into one banging track for your listening (and partying) pleasure. So take a listen and download below… Continue reading

Manila Killa – Fix You (Coldplay Uplifter Remix)

There are few artists that with every song they put out, I will absolutely love. One such artist is Manila Killa. Now I’m not an overly huge fan of Coldplay, but Manila absolutely kills this track. I want to make sure to let you know that this isn’t a mashup, but rather original production to create a remix to Coldplay’s Fix You track. It has a chill element at the beginning but once the beat starts picking up, you’re definitely in for a treat. Manila has let me know that he is wanting to start putting out original music, and if this is any indication for what he will produce in the future then I like the direction he is headed in. Take a listen and download below…

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EA Fridays #3

Here’s the third installment of EA Fridays, but these tracks are a little bit more dubby rather than straight electro. Regardless these tracks are great to blast on your speaker, so make sure you check out the “Electronic Anything” room over on Turntable and listen to the other great tracks they play. “The Call (Eyes Remix)” has a very nice and soothing intro before it drops into something astoundingly heavy, making it my song of choice within the group. Listen and download below… Continue reading

EA Friday’s #2

So I had a massive electro playlist set up, but my computer crashed causing me to lose all the data/files/etc. But luckily, I have a banging 1 hour electro Party/Pregame mix done by DJ Epic. Epic certainly lives up to his name with a mix like this…it’s perfect for an hour workout session, get the party started and going, pretty much everything. 20 different tracks, including tracks that have already been featured here, all compiled into a very clean mix. Some tracks include 3LAU’s JaggerBomb, Krewella’s One Minute, Nammo’s Stereo Calling, and Kap Slap’s Paper Towels. Get your weekend started right with DJ Epic’s Pregame Music Vol. 8 (and expect a double dose of EA Friday’s next friday)… Continue reading

EA (Electronic Anything) Fridays #1

So I’m starting a new segment geared towards Electronic music in conjunction with the “Electronic Anything” room over on Turntable. Every Friday, I’ll highlight some tracks that have been absolutely loved in the room and/or by me and I’ll post them up for everyone’s listening pleasure. These can range from electro bangers, more chill electro tracks, but they have to be geared towards the electro genre. Hopefully you guys enjoy these tracks as much as I have enjoyed the Electronic Anything room, and make sure you check their room out. Continue reading


I am utterly speechless when it comes to listening to the nirvana-like music that Cazzette produces. This is some of the gnarliest, most epic, jaw-dropping, etc. music that I have heard in a long time. The effects that Cazzette produces are insanely good, and they put such a unique touch upon the track that Cazzette is altering that it makes the original track about 100x better. Case in point: Adele’s original Set Fire to the Rain is a track that highlights Adele’s vocal ability with a beat that takes a backseat, until the chorus when it strengthens to complement Adele’s singing. However, once Cazzette gets done with his bootleg of the track, he transforms it to an dub house/electro banger that changes tempo regularly to draw you in and get you amped up for the drop at the same time. Literally lost for words on the epicness of this track. DEFINITELY A MUST HEAR AND DOWNLOAD Continue reading

Insane Electro Tracks

So I was roaming TT last night, looking for a great electronic room when I noticed “Electronic Anything” with a friend chilling in there. Deciding to stop by and say a quick hello, I went in. Long story short, I ended up staying in the room for a solid 2-3 hours. When I say that I found a collection of insane electronic bangers, I mean I heard some insane electronic bangers. While the room was kinda small (possibly attributed to the time of night), the community was tight knit and bantering with each other like crazy. Yet they always had a new electronic track that I had never heard of. Definitely added plenty of new songs to my library collection, so check some of them out below… Continue reading

Yeah, It’s DJ Millertime

So I got some brand new tracks from DJ Millertime. This guy has some great songs out on Soundcloud, whether it be in mixes or individual tracks. Regardless, this is one person you want to start following because you can expect epic bangers for the entire night. I don’t think I’ve been this amped up on new tracks in a long time…but Millertime made it happen, so take a listen to the 3 tracks below and get ready to start having a good time… Continue reading

Pretty Lights and Traveling Time

I’m going to be traveling overseas today and won’t arrive at my destination til tmrw morning, which means no music posts unless I have some free time at the airport. Sry for that but once I get situated, you can expect some new music from new artists. In the meantime, y’all should enjoy the high quality 320 version of Pretty Light’s “I Know the Truth”. The Bonnaroo video that made the rounds all over the web was posted here, and which left many people dying for the high quality studio version. Well Pretty Lights has finally dropped the track so make sure you cop it below… Continue reading

Krewella – One Minute…One Epic Song

I won’t even say much about this song besides the fact that it’s plain sick. Krewella absolutely killed it with the smooth female vocals, the epic dub drops, and the buildups that just leave you wanting more. I hadn’t heard much from Krewella before, but Krewella has served notice to all that they definitely mean business. You can be sure to expect much more posts about Krewella. In the meantime, here’s “One Minute” and 2 other songs to give you a small, yet necessary, taste of Krewella. Continue reading