Mashachusetts – Loud Noises Mixtape

First sponsored mixtape? Yeps, B!NM is at that level, and I am proud to say that Mashachusetts‘ Loud Noises mixtape is damn good for my first sponsorship. Mashachusetts, consisting of Cameron and Sam, have been a duo since late 2009 and the time they have spent together shows in the quality mashes they create. While they both dj individually around the Boston area, their main focus is “on mashups and producing”.

Taking electro/dance tracks and laying Top 40 vocal samples on top of the electro tracks, Mashachusetts has created a great mixtape perfect for your party needs. With the high quality mashups that this duo have created, it’s hard for me to think that this is their first album/mixtape. Originally Loud Noises was to be released on October 31st, but due to high demand (and a need to have these tracks for your Halloween party) Mashachusetts surprised us with an early release. Maybe it’s just confidence in their music, but the early release is definitely a gift to the mashup community. So take a moment to like Mashachusetts FB page, take a moment to prepare a mass text to everyone you know in the case you feel the urge to party afterward, and get to listening and downloading below. The ability to stream the songs via Soundcloud will be available, as well as the link to the full album, below… Continue reading

B!NM is now an official site

So I’ve taken the next step in legitimizing my music blog. I have obtained the domain name for Boom!NewMusic, so now you don’t have to type in, instead you can just type in and it will direct you to my blog. If you are still using, it’ll just redirect you to the actual site. I want to personally thank Aaron aka SoSimpull for all his help in helping me get the site up and running. Without his help, I’d still probably be trying to figure out what I needed to do.  And above all, I want to thank all the people who have stopped by even once to check out my blog. I started with very small aspirations, and it has grown faster than I expected…and for that I promise you to keep posting you quality tracks for your listening pleasures as much as I can.

– Gutz

Yoni is coming to MashupFM

So it has been confirmed that Yoni Einhorn, mainly known as Yoni, is coming to MashupFM ( to play a set. Not only are we excited to have such a talented DJ officially come to the room, but also honored. Yoni has come out with some amazing tracks, and now it’s just a waiting game to see what Yoni decides to play. I’ve heard good stuff about his Live DJ sets, and while this isn’t a literal “live” performance, I wouldn’t want to miss this. Remember 200 person limit, so try and get there sometime before since we regularly max out the room. Take a listen to some of Yoni’s tracks below and get ready for tmrw… Continue reading

A Message to the Fake DJs: We Gonna Find You

So I’m going to go on a little rant here for a little bit. Yeah yeah, this blog is about music…but at the same time, it’s about making sure the artists who come up with the tracks are accurately credited for the hard work that they put in. I recently heard of a “DJ T-Fienz” (or something to that nature) who had been taking credit, or essentially stealing, for the hard work that had been done by DJ Trademark, Yoni, DJ Dibella, and possibly others and reselling them as his own work. In one word…despicable. Continue reading

Home-Grown Artists: From Nothing to Something

The interview is finally here!!! After much waiting and talking (and mainly jamming to music), the interview with Mc Chubbzz, Bruneaux, abSRD, The Airport District, and a late add DJ Improper is complete. Couldn’t have had a better time with these guys. Some down-to-earth guys that got their music queued up in a private TT room, and we got the interview process underway. I’ve known these guys for about a week (most likely less), and the relaxed nature and camaraderie between us was evident. Jokes flying left and right, talking about music and mashes, couldn’t have asked for a better interview.

So I want to start off by describing what we believe a Home-Grown Artist is. A Home-Grown Artist is a masher that has great songs available, but doesn’t have the publicity as say Kap Slap, Girl Talk, The White Panda, etc. Whether they be a new masher, or one who has produced a couple of songs…a Home-Grown is an artist that deserves the recognition that they may not have received yet. Each of the guys interviewed above a certain style about themselves and have been well-received in the room. So take a look at the interview after the jump. The Q&A session (with most jokes/banter) is posted, and at the end I’ll include the full transcript via Dropbox. Tell us what you think at the end, and keep showing these guys support. Thanks to Mc Chubbzz, Bruneaux, abSRD, The Airport District, and DJ Improper for sitting down and getting this interview done. Continue reading

State of the Mashup Union: What, and specifically, means for us

So Simp recently stumbled upon an article that concerned with not only but mashup rooms in general. What follows is an article written by Eliot Van Buskirk for’s Popular Mash-Up Room Could Be First Copyright Casualty

By: Eliot Van Buskirk

“As I told the New York Times last week, one of the most crucial things about the group listening room is the way it lets DJs upload any MP3 from their collections and play it for the crowd, in addition to selecting from a pre-filled catalog of millions of songs.

This is such a great feature precisely because it allows superfans with ultra-rare stuff, such as unlicensed mash-ups, show off the exclusive nature of their music collections while allowing listeners to enjoy something they probably can’t hear anywhere.

One of the most popular rooms in the entire fiefdom, as one can tell from using this handy bookmarklet, is Mashup Mania, also known as — the first room to which I’ve ever been denied entry (see image above). The thing is, mash-ups tend not to be licensed, in part because it’s so difficult to secure the rights to A) make a derivative work out of two copyrighted songs and B) distribute that song.

As picks up steam — as can only happen after recent coverage in the New York Times,CNN, and elsewhere — Mashup Mania could be the first victim of the possible lame-ification of the service, which might be necessary to allow it to survive.

The copyright critics at Techdirt have a vision for where it becomes a central hub for fans to meet high-profile artists and buy their stuff, making oodles of money for everyone by putting merchandise ads in the right place. But before that can happen in, or any similar service, it will have to clear the same copyright hurdles everyone else has to clear. This popular mash-up room could be the first casualty of that process.”


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So while I’ve done some featured posts before…I’m starting a new section where weekly or bi-weekly (hopefully) I’ll feature an artist that I think deserves to have their own featured post on Boom!!!NewMusic.

Now for the Featured Artist. I’ve posted a track or two of his earlier, but that wasn’t enough. So I reached out to contact him and he was gracious enough to send me back some info on how he got started and what he is planning for the future. So without any further rambling…ladies and gentleman, MITCH-MASH!!

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