Johnny Astro ft Adele – “Goodnight America”

Short and simple, this track just draws you in. With an emotional sound and content that connects with you as soon as the Denzel Washington sample begins, Johnny Astro lays smooth flowing verses over an instrumental that samples Adele herself. I’m in a music posting mood right now, so while most people are saying “Goodnight America”, I’m debating on whether or not I’m going to be posting on B!NM for an extended period of time or if it’s just a short reminiscent dream of the past.

Macklemore – And We Danced (Music Video)

This is probably one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. An added bonus, it comes for Macklemore’s lyrically genius track And We Danced. I had never really thought of the Seattle MC singing a track like this, especially after listening to most of his deep and thought-provoking tracks that he is known for (take a listen to Macklemore’s Otherside remix below). But this is pure comedic gold. Macklemore reaffirms why he is a personal favorite of mine. Listen below and make sure you grab his stuff on iTunesContinue reading

DJ Burnout – Changes

So that MIP (Mash in Progress) track that I posted earlier for DJ Burnout (found here) has been completed. Kudos to Burnout for finishing the track so quickly and releasing it to the fans fast too. Now, Burnout definitely doesn’t disappoint with this heavy hip hop influenced mash, including vocals from Eminem, Tupac, Chingy, and Mims. Tupac’s flow goes extremely well with Eminem’s Going Through Changes instrumental/beat. Definitely a nice change of pace from the electro infused mashups. Listen and download below… Continue reading

A Message to the Fake DJs: We Gonna Find You

So I’m going to go on a little rant here for a little bit. Yeah yeah, this blog is about music…but at the same time, it’s about making sure the artists who come up with the tracks are accurately credited for the hard work that they put in. I recently heard of a “DJ T-Fienz” (or something to that nature) who had been taking credit, or essentially stealing, for the hard work that had been done by DJ Trademark, Yoni, DJ Dibella, and possibly others and reselling them as his own work. In one word…despicable. Continue reading

Radical Something? Why Yes Please

So there’s just something about Radical Something in which I love all their tracks. Maybe it’s the great connection that Loggy and Josh Cocktail have between Josh’s singing, and Loggy’s flow; maybe it’s the beats that Big Red lays down; heck if I know, but all I know is that all their tracks are great tracks to chill and relax to. Included below is an acoustic jam between the guys, in which their camaraderie is immediately apparent, their latest music video of Escape, and their great track that started it all Be Easy. So take a listen below, kick back grab a brew (or your preferred beverage), and enjoy yourself some Radical Something.

Continue reading

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Wings & Irish Celebration Video

So I’ve stayed away from the hip-hop genre, unfortunately, for long enough. One of my favorite artists is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, because their songs are smooth flowing and they deliver a meaning with their lyrics. They don’t just come up with words (like that stupid “Racks” song, or that “Wop” song) that don’t do anything for the song besides create a stupid saying that the general population will go on saying for way too long. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are both insightful and entertaining. So with that little rant behind me, Macklemore & Ryan just recently dropped the official video to their song “Wings”, so take a look below. I’m also including another favorite track of theirs (video included) called “Irish Celebration” and their song “Otherside” which is their remix of Red Hot Chili Peppers “Otherside” track. Continue reading

Moufy – Miss Newton

So music has always been intended to convey some type of emotion/feeling/idea/etc. Moufy certainly delivers a message in his song “Miss Newton” and the accompanying music video definitely sends a strong visual message as well. I’m including both the music video and the song, and it’s up to you to choose if you want to watch the video. It may be offensive to some, but it is more of a learning and artistic video that backs up the meaning of Moufy’s song. Continue reading

Chill Hip Hop Updated (Alternative Music-ish)

So I’m updating the post I had done on Radical Something that I had done before I went to make me some food . Included is one of my favorite songs of late, and the promo video to their newest song that drops tmrw dropped Wednesday is included. These songs are perfect for some chill summer days at the pool…and in the words of Radical Something “Be Easy”. Continue reading

The Weeknd, Mac Miller, Hi-Rez

The first two tracks are more chill while the last track has a more upbeat tempo to it. The Weeknd has a Trey Songz type of musical quality to him making him perfect to listen to with your significant other. Mac Miller is making a strong push into mainstream music but he hasn’t started changing his musical style just because he’s gained a much bigger following. Hi-Rez has a nice sold flow when he lays down, and his music certainly doesn’t disappoint. Hopefully he starts getting noticed more. Continue reading