What Can I Say…I Love Me Some Wick-It

My man Wick-It has dropped two new tracks these past two days, and damn am I stoked. What I love about Wick-It is his ability to branch out to so many genres, but he doesn’t it half-ass the effort. The guy does mashes, he does dubstep, he’s got some drumstep, and now he’s ventured into moombahton. Insanely talented to be willing to try all of that, but he’s definitely confident, because his skill shows in these amazing tracks. The first track, which is of the moombahton genre, has a funky fresh vibe to it that just sounds fun. As soon as it started going, I was instantly hooked with the funky beat that Wick-It has playing. Probably my favorite of these two new tracks, but that isn’t to say that his drumpstep track is bad. I had the good fortune of listening to Wick-It live, and meeting him, and these tracks just bring back those great memories of my first event. So get to listening and downloading below…

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Cris Cab – Pumped Up Kicks (Cover)

So it’s pretty damn late over here in Chile but because of stupid jet lag, I’m still awake. Now I’m not necessarily complaining since that just gives me time to scour the net for mashups, electro music, and just plain good music for your (and my) listening pleasures. Going to start off with a more laidback/mellow cover of Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” which has been playing out of every radio on the corner for some time now. While the original track in itself will make you mindlessly hum the tune during the day, it has gotten to the point where it’s become overbearing to some. However, this cover done by Cris Cab brings new life and a different angle to the track. Combining a Reggae style beat with the smooth vocals of this very talented and young artist, Cris Cab will easily win you over. Don’t be surprised to be seeing more of his stuff on here, but in the meantime check out the track below… Continue reading

A Message to the Fake DJs: We Gonna Find You

So I’m going to go on a little rant here for a little bit. Yeah yeah, this blog is about music…but at the same time, it’s about making sure the artists who come up with the tracks are accurately credited for the hard work that they put in. I recently heard of a “DJ T-Fienz” (or something to that nature) who had been taking credit, or essentially stealing, for the hard work that had been done by DJ Trademark, Yoni, DJ Dibella, and possibly others and reselling them as his own work. In one word…despicable. Continue reading

Radical Something? Why Yes Please

So there’s just something about Radical Something in which I love all their tracks. Maybe it’s the great connection that Loggy and Josh Cocktail have between Josh’s singing, and Loggy’s flow; maybe it’s the beats that Big Red lays down; heck if I know, but all I know is that all their tracks are great tracks to chill and relax to. Included below is an acoustic jam between the guys, in which their camaraderie is immediately apparent, their latest music video of Escape, and their great track that started it all Be Easy. So take a listen below, kick back grab a brew (or your preferred beverage), and enjoy yourself some Radical Something.

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Dotcom S.W.A.G-ing out

So Dotcom is making some noise within the mashup community. Coming out with some killer tracks (most recently “It’s Time to Celebrate”), doing a collaborative project with DJ abSRD (can’t wait for that to drop), and now getting in on some live DJ-ing action. This past weekend, he made his live DJ debut at S.W.A.G. over at Bryn Mawr College up in Pennsylvania, and I definitely wouldn’t have minded being able to go. Thankfully there is a video and some pictures of the event, and here’s to hoping that Dotcom can make a trip down South. Continue reading

USC athletics combined with great music…Winning

So these two video’s aren’t exactly with new tracks or anything. But they employ great music and create some epic visuals of athletic talents in snowboarding and skiing. In one video we have music from 3LAU and in the other we have music from Avicii. I can’t help but love the videos not only because of the artists, but also because USC is by far my favorite college. Hate on USC all you want, but you do have to admit that the videos are epic good. Fight On Trojans 🙂 Continue reading

Sign this guy and girl up to some type of Dance Show

Ummmmmm…I never thought that dancing to dubstep would be possible. However after seeing this video (sent to me by Agustin), I have come to the realization that dancing to dubstep is not something that mere mortals can do. These moves are plain sick and they demonstrate the beat of the song perfectly. Check out some of the guy’s videos below… Continue reading

1 Song 3 versions…Figure 8 by Outasight

So I found one song called “Figure 8” by Outasight and proceeded to find 2 great and different remixes to the same song. The original is already has a peppy/upbeat feel to it, and both remixes add something different to the track. But I’m leaving it up to y’all to decide which song you like more while at the same time introducing you to someone you may not have heard of before. Update: The third song I was going to post turned out to be the same as the 2nd without me realizing it, so I found a dubstep remix of the song instead Continue reading