DJ Change’s latest track and other Must Downloads

It’s getting hard to keep track of all the songs that I have (newly added and older ones) but it’s never hard for me to just bring up iTunes and have a track that won’t get me bobbing playing right away. DJ Change brings us another track that can be easily categorized in such a group. A MUST DOWNLOAD in my opinion, so make sure you jump on it and download below. The intro has a nice little quality about it that gets you going right away (possibly fist-pumping down low?) and Pitbull starts the mashup extravaganza that DJ Change has created. Make sure you check out his other tracks that can be found in the blog… Continue reading

2 Artists…1 Winner?

Here’s a first for Boom!! NewMusic: a battle between two different mashup artists from Lehigh University. First up is Kap Slap with 2 mashups: 1) X Gon’ Kill That Boy and 2)  Illmerican Blow, going against 5 & A Dime with 1) Stereo Thongs and 2) I Let Her Touch It

Kap Slap – X Gon’ Kill That Boy:

Kap Slap – Illmerican Blow:


5 & A Dime – Stereo Thongs:

5 & A Dime – I Let Her Touch It:

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UPDATE: I’ve been requested for links to mixtapes for both artists (if there were any), and luckily both have come out with something. Kap Slap released 151 and 5 & A Dime’s latest release is Ear Candy . Enjoy!