Some new Kap; some new tracks; a new week

I’m starting off my Monday afternoon with some new Kap Slap that dropped last night. Could I be more excited? Kap ingeniously mashed together the spoof video “Paper Towels” with some La Roux, Britney Spears, Deadmau5, and Lazy Rich. The result: another great track (which has come to be expected from Kap). At first, I wasn’t too sure of La Roux being paired with that intro beat, but it grew on me after a couple more listens. However, probably my favorite part of the track is the Paper Towels guy. Definitely not something that I expected from Kap, but it works will in both a mashup and comedic way. Also throwing up some tracks (electro, mashups, dubstep) for your listening pleasure. Not too bad of a way to start the week. Continue reading

USC athletics combined with great music…Winning

So these two video’s aren’t exactly with new tracks or anything. But they employ great music and create some epic visuals of athletic talents in snowboarding and skiing. In one video we have music from 3LAU and in the other we have music from Avicii. I can’t help but love the videos not only because of the artists, but also because USC is by far my favorite college. Hate on USC all you want, but you do have to admit that the videos are epic good. Fight On Trojans 🙂 Continue reading