Basic Physics – Without Jagger (Maroon 5 x Usher x David Guetta)

“Moves Like Jagger” has slowly become a hit on the radio, and it has certainly gotten the royal treatment from mashups alike. And now, Basic Physics gets in on the action and combines Maroon 5’s track with David Guetta ft Usher ” Without You”. Now I’m a huge huge fan of “Without You” (considering it one of my favorite electro tracks to date), and Basic Physics decision to throw “Moves Like Jagger” on top of it definitely brings a winning sound to your speaker system. There are some parts in which I think “Moves Like Jagger” is a little rough with the beat, but overall I’m definitely liking this track. Play this at your next party and get your crowd moving for sure. Listen and download it below… Continue reading

Basic Physics – Yeah, It’s Aerodynamic

Here’s another new, and good, mashup done by Basic Physics. This time he combines some Daft Punk with Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3x” to create an upbeat mashup that gets you moving. I can definitely see this being useful for a workout/jogging/spin class among others (you hear that Bucci?). The cohesiveness of the tracks works really well in my opinion, probably better than Chris Brown’s original track as well. Take a listen below, download, and tell me what you think…

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Basic Physics – The 300 Club

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. I’m watching 300 while listening to my tunes on my computer when this gem song by Basic Physics comes on. Of course, I’m talking about Basic Physic’s “The 300 Club” mashup track. Basic released this track in honor of getting to 300,000 listens on Soundcloud (congratulations), and I can easily see this track helping Basic obtain many more listens. Take a listen below and make sure you download if you want… Continue reading