DJ Burnout – Changes

So that MIP (Mash in Progress) track that I posted earlier for DJ Burnout (found here) has been completed. Kudos to Burnout for finishing the track so quickly and releasing it to the fans fast too. Now, Burnout definitely doesn’t disappoint with this heavy hip hop influenced mash, including vocals from Eminem, Tupac, Chingy, and Mims. Tupac’s flow goes extremely well with Eminem’s Going Through Changes instrumental/beat. Definitely a nice change of pace from the electro infused mashups. Listen and download below… Continue reading

New B!NM Addition: DJ Burnout

I am proud to bring everyone a new DJ to B!NM. Coming highly recommended from his peers and having been one of the DJs in the Swagged Out Vol. 2 album (see here for post), I present y’all DJ Burnout. From the NYC City area, but currently living in the DC area, DJ Burnout has been DJ-ing for a couple of years with experience in Electro House, Dirty Dutch, Dubstep, and now getting into the Mashup game. Already with tons of mashes to his name, I’m posting a select few (including his newest release) that will make you question why you hadn’t heard of this guy before (if you haven’t). Burnout does a great job of incorporating hip hop tracks and taking them in a whole new direction with a different beat, whether the beat be electro, dubstep, or chill. Definitely be expecting more stuff from DJ Burnout in the future. Listen and download below… Continue reading

Swagged Out Vol. 2 – Make Sure You’re Swagged Out for the Weekend

The monster album: Swagged Out Vol. 2 is finally out. Man it feels good to say that, and it feels even better to hear the tracks on the album. 19 tracks, 19 different artists each with their own unique style. Some tracks are A + B mashes, some resemble the mashups of Girl Talk, while others implement the use of electro and/or dubstep to act as the main beat of their mash. Either way, you’re going to find tracks that you will enjoy…guaranteed. I’ve heard most of these artists, save for a few, and having all of them on one album is a blessing for the mashup community. So get to listening below, and download all that you want after the jump…

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