EA Friday’s #2

So I had a massive electro playlist set up, but my computer crashed causing me to lose all the data/files/etc. But luckily, I have a banging 1 hour electro Party/Pregame mix done by DJ Epic. Epic certainly lives up to his name with a mix like this…it’s perfect for an hour workout session, get the party started and going, pretty much everything. 20 different tracks, including tracks that have already been featured here, all compiled into a very clean mix. Some tracks include 3LAU’s JaggerBomb, Krewella’s One Minute, Nammo’s Stereo Calling, and Kap Slap’s Paper Towels. Get your weekend started right with DJ Epic’s Pregame Music Vol. 8 (and expect a double dose of EA Friday’s next friday)… Continue reading

Album for the Day: DJ Epic “Blackout”

I wanted to give you guys a full album before I start flying to Chile tmrw, so I’m giving you guys DJ Epic’s latest album which is insanely heavy on the drops, beats, everything. Aptly named “Blackout”, this album will easily get you blackout if you party the entire time it’s playing. DJ Epic does a great job combining heavy beats with some scintillating vocals, perfect for any party, club, etc. If there is one thing I have come to expect from DJ Epic, it’s to be ready for some fresh tracks that should always be added to your music library. Catch the entire album download below and as always make sure to take a listen… Continue reading

Torpeedoh, DJ BigRed, and DJ Epic

Some new stuff here. First a new track by Torpeedoh, who has been getting some good plays over in the Mashupfm room. And some new DJs to B!!!NM are included as well. DJ BigRed is a member of Radical Something, but he also is an apt DJ that throws down some electro tracks, dub tracks, and also mashups. A DJ of all trades, one could say. DJ Epic sent me his stuff, and I enjoyed it enough to post up the track up here, so tell me what you think of the songs in the Comment section below… Continue reading