DJ Rudy, Dotcom, Wick-It, AND DJ Change…what more do you need?

Exactly what the title says…what more do you need for a glorious Thursday? I do believe this may be my greatest day of multiple posts with the quality of the tracks that have been posted. The inclusion of these 4 songs definitely amp up any music library, and you shall be the envy of your fellow drivers who just so happen to hear you blasting these tunes from your car. Or you know, you can just start your own dorm party…whatever floats your boat. Continue reading

DJ Rudy – Bad Girls Play Hard, DJ Riko, & Norwegian Recycling

So I’m a little behind with the latest track from DJ Rudy, but with people searching for the track and google sending them here, it’s about time I give Rudy even more respect. Here’s his latest track called “Bad Girls Play Hard” along with 2 other songs from DJ Riko and Norwegian Recycling. Check them out below… Continue reading

DJ Rudy & Childz Play

DJ Rudy hits us up with a new track of his, and also the premiere of a new artist to B!!!NM: Childz Play. Rudy has quickly become a fave artist on B!!!NM and Turntable and his latest track doesn’t disappoint. The beat is infectious and gets your head bobbing and body swaying as soon as the track starts. The buildup to the drop at around the 1:20 mark left me wanting more, but overall, the track is a great addition to any party playlist. For Childz Play, he includes two of my favorite artists in his mash: Kid Cudi and Na Palm. The more I listen to “Beach House Parties at Night”, the more it grows on me. The beat isn’t necessarily a bangin’ electro track with massive drops, but it’s definitely upbeat and catchy. Now, I’m just waiting for more tracks from Childz Play as this is his first mashup he has posted on his Soundcloud account. Listen to the tracks below… Continue reading

No.3 New Artist Coming Up…DJ Rudy

So DJ Rudy is more electro mashing compared to the new artists that came out today. The first track “Go” has been posted on numerous other blogs, but I’m going to post up some of his other tracks as well that way y’all have more of his tracks. All his tracks are already stored in my iPod, so what are y’all waiting for…Check out the tracks and download below. Continue reading