DJ Strongarm – Awesome Title [for MDC]

How many samples does it take to create a sick mashup? I don’t know if there is a correct answer to that question, but in the case of DJ Strongarm‘s Awesome Title [for MDC] it seems that magical number is 25. In his own words, “25 samples in 3:30. Can you handle it?” And that truly is the question. Each vocal sample flows seamlessly into the next one very similar to DJ Earworm, and the instrumental track is a dope electronic track that carries each vocal sample well. But take a listen below, and if you can handle it grab the download as well… Continue reading

Swagged Out Vol. 2 – Make Sure You’re Swagged Out for the Weekend

The monster album: Swagged Out Vol. 2 is finally out. Man it feels good to say that, and it feels even better to hear the tracks on the album. 19 tracks, 19 different artists each with their own unique style. Some tracks are A + B mashes, some resemble the mashups of Girl Talk, while others implement the use of electro and/or dubstep to act as the main beat of their mash. Either way, you’re going to find tracks that you will enjoy…guaranteed. I’ve heard most of these artists, save for a few, and having all of them on one album is a blessing for the mashup community. So get to listening below, and download all that you want after the jump…

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