EA Fridays #3

Here’s the third installment of EA Fridays, but these tracks are a little bit more dubby rather than straight electro. Regardless these tracks are great to blast on your speaker, so make sure you check out the “Electronic Anything” room over on Turntable and listen to the other great tracks they play. “The Call (Eyes Remix)” has a very nice and soothing intro before it drops into something astoundingly heavy, making it my song of choice within the group. Listen and download below… Continue reading

EA (Electronic Anything) Fridays #1

So I’m starting a new segment geared towards Electronic music in conjunction with the “Electronic Anything” room over on Turntable. Every Friday, I’ll highlight some tracks that have been absolutely loved in the room and/or by me and I’ll post them up for everyone’s listening pleasure. These can range from electro bangers, more chill electro tracks, but they have to be geared towards the electro genre. Hopefully you guys enjoy these tracks as much as I have enjoyed the Electronic Anything room, and make sure you check their room out. Continue reading

Insane Electro Tracks

So I was roaming TT last night, looking for a great electronic room when I noticed “Electronic Anything” with a friend chilling in there. Deciding to stop by and say a quick hello, I went in. Long story short, I ended up staying in the room for a solid 2-3 hours. When I say that I found a collection of insane electronic bangers, I mean I heard some insane electronic bangers. While the room was kinda small (possibly attributed to the time of night), the community was tight knit and bantering with each other like crazy. Yet they always had a new electronic track that I had never heard of. Definitely added plenty of new songs to my library collection, so check some of them out below… Continue reading