Zeds Dead, An-ten-nae, Jacob Plant

A pretty good dubstep posting today. Haven’t really found a dubstep song that stands out to me in an epic way, but these songs are good enough to hold me over for the meantime…(and as soon as I was going over this post, I found an insane banger by Jacob Plant). Zeds Dead always comes out with some pretty nasty stuff. I’ve never heard of An-ten-nae before so his Glitchstep was refreshing, especially since it sampled a hip hop song that I hadn’t heard of before. And Jacob Plant is known for posting banger after banger…and his track is certainly a banger. The guy can make some damn good music Continue reading


So after I posted the newest Skrillex post amongst other songs, I kept searching for more songs. A great decision on my part, and so here’s a second post of some epic good dubstep songs/remixes. I just can’t seem to get enough of it, and hopefully y’all feel the same way. Shoutout to Cibulas for sending me the first song in the post. Continue reading