Macklemore – And We Danced (Music Video)

This is probably one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. An added bonus, it comes for Macklemore’s lyrically genius track And We Danced. I had never really thought of the Seattle MC singing a track like this, especially after listening to most of his deep and thought-provoking tracks that he is known for (take a listen to Macklemore’s Otherside remix below). But this is pure comedic gold. Macklemore reaffirms why he is a personal favorite of mine. Listen below and make sure you grab his stuff on iTunesContinue reading

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Wings & Irish Celebration Video

So I’ve stayed away from the hip-hop genre, unfortunately, for long enough. One of my favorite artists is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, because their songs are smooth flowing and they deliver a meaning with their lyrics. They don’t just come up with words (like that stupid “Racks” song, or that “Wop” song) that don’t do anything for the song besides create a stupid saying that the general population will go on saying for way too long. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are both insightful and entertaining. So with that little rant behind me, Macklemore & Ryan just recently dropped the official video to their song “Wings”, so take a look below. I’m also including another favorite track of theirs (video included) called “Irish Celebration” and their song “Otherside” which is their remix of Red Hot Chili Peppers “Otherside” track. Continue reading