Mr. Rogers Productions – Sweaty Romance

So I’m not sure how this escaped my ears, and how this hasn’t picked up more steam…but Mr. Rogers has delivered another great track. He’s certainly moved out of his neighborhood and delivering world-class tracks (see what I did there?). Combining 12 different samples including Twista, Fatman Scoop, David Guetta with Afrojack, Ludacris, Britney Spears, and more, Mr. Rogers gives us a track that gets straight down to business. While I’ve never been a fan of Lady Gaga at all, I like the effect that Mr. Rogers gives to her voice as it adds a different spin to the track. Keeping the track fun with a beat that definitely is made for a club, Mr. Rogers has created a mashup that is deserving of many plays and downloads. So take a listen and download below… Continue reading

Space Jam Mashup…Nostalgia Much?

Space Jam is one of the greatest movies I had seen during my youth. But who knew that combining Space Jam with other great songs of the 90’s could create a mashup worthy to be played at any party. Mr. Rogers Productions (who was previously posted before) delivers another sick mashup that made it to the top of my current iPod playlist. Rating: 5/5 Continue reading