Pretty Lights and Traveling Time

I’m going to be traveling overseas today and won’t arrive at my destination til tmrw morning, which means no music posts unless I have some free time at the airport. Sry for that but once I get situated, you can expect some new music from new artists. In the meantime, y’all should enjoy the high quality 320 version of Pretty Light’s “I Know the Truth”. The Bonnaroo video that made the rounds all over the web was posted here, and which left many people dying for the high quality studio version. Well Pretty Lights has finally dropped the track so make sure you cop it below… Continue reading

Phetsta, Soundscape, Pretty Lights

I wanted to put out a quick dubstep post as a thank you post for passing 1,000 views. Didn’t really think I would get to this milestone so quickly, so I tried to find some epic and absolutely killer dubstep tracks. I would say that any one of these three songs are more than capable of rattling a couple of windows due to the bass. Continue reading