2 Tracks from The Colonel

So The Colonel dropped 2 new tracks yesterday and today just in time for the weekend. They aren’t necessarily straight up party tracks, but it’s a nice change of pace from the electro/club infused mashups. First track called “Hit Replay, Girl” uses the likes of Jason Derulo and Iyaz to create a mash that has this happy go-lucky feel to it. The 2nd track named “Shuriken is Beautiful” uses the skill of Madeon as the beat with the vocals provided by Chris Brown. Brown definitely seems to pair up well with Madeon’s beat, that I would even say that it sounds better than the original “Beautiful People”. Take a listen below, and as always make sure to grab the downloads. Continue reading

New Artist No.4: The Colonel

Well after the fiasco that Chubbzz created (thanks man….) it’s about high-time that I repost the tracks with the actual Mashup artist that created them. So I’m reposting the youtube videos to the tracks (sry, no soundcloud available) with 2 additional songs to make it up to The Colonel. Every song that was filed under Chubbzz was actually done by The Colonel…so make sure you rename your tracks, and forever delete Chubbzz from your computer. I have no mercy for the kid… Continue reading