The Jane Doze – “I Knew Lies Were Trouble (Zeds Dead x Taylor Swift)

My favorite girls, The Jane Doze, have just rocked my world…again. T-Swift? Yeah, I’ll listen. Zeds Dead? OK, you got my attention. Unreleased Zeds Dead with Taylor Swift? Pressing Play now. Even if you know nothing about music, your ears should easily tell you that this mashup is good, nay great.

Call Me Skrillex J. Robinson – The Jane Doze

Yes it’s been a long ass time, which is why I’m keeping this post short and to the point. Hot damn, this track will get you up and moving. Carly Rae’s vocals seem to be the hot thing being sampled but The Jane Doze’s decision to pair it with Porter Robinson’s “Language” was a good move. Sounds good, feels good, and makes you dance good. Infectious? Definitely. In the meantime, I’m hoping that either one of the girls from The Jane Doze will call me…maybe.

The Jane Doze

Here’s a new group for B!NM and I’m really digging their stuff. The Jane Doze, as they are called, is a mashup female duo who has a very unique sound to them. For me, they have a couple of perfect mashes for those moments in which you kinda feel like doing nothing and just want to chill and listen to music. However, what sets them apart is that they like to mix it up with instrumentals that aren’t as heavily used in the mashup world. Instead of sampling the same overused instrumentals, they have forged their own identity and shown that they can hang with the guys. Take a listen and download below… Continue reading