Dotcom – Stronger Toys

How goes it everyone? We’re getting close to Halloween so there are plenty of Halloween-themed mashups being created, yet it is still nice to give notice to the non-Halloween mashups. Stronger Toys by Dotcom is one such track – filthy effects, electro to the fullest, and the Kanye vocals fits in perfectly. I had never heard the instrumental track, Toy Story by David Guetta, but it’s definitely something that I enjoyed. Even if Kanye can be a prick and an attention whore, there is no denying that he has skill…skills that Dotcom has focused into one banging track for your listening (and partying) pleasure. So take a listen and download below… Continue reading

DJ Rudy, Dotcom, Wick-It, AND DJ Change…what more do you need?

Exactly what the title says…what more do you need for a glorious Thursday? I do believe this may be my greatest day of multiple posts with the quality of the tracks that have been posted. The inclusion of these 4 songs definitely amp up any music library, and you shall be the envy of your fellow drivers who just so happen to hear you blasting these tunes from your car. Or you know, you can just start your own dorm party…whatever floats your boat. Continue reading

Dotcom + abSRD = Great Collaboration

So it’s finally happened. Two of my favorite up-and-coming DJs decided to collab together for one amazing track. I always thought their musical styles would work well together, and the final result of their collaborative effort doesn’t even come close to disappointing. The intro has sort of a trance-like beat to it that draws you in, and gets you moving ever so slightly. It may have ran a little long in my opinion, but after a couple of listens I consider it a very minor detraction from the song, and didn’t notice it after awhile. The choice of vocals (ranging from Taio Cruz to Nicki Minaj to Britney Spears) were very effective and I felt that each vocal track corresponded well with each beat section. For example, for Cruz’s section I felt that he added to the buildup while Nicki Minaj’s section was a great choice for when the beat dropped. Hopefully these two DJs decide to collab together again after such a successful first collab track together. Continue reading

Dotcom S.W.A.G-ing out

So Dotcom is making some noise within the mashup community. Coming out with some killer tracks (most recently “It’s Time to Celebrate”), doing a collaborative project with DJ abSRD (can’t wait for that to drop), and now getting in on some live DJ-ing action. This past weekend, he made his live DJ debut at S.W.A.G. over at Bryn Mawr College up in Pennsylvania, and I definitely wouldn’t have minded being able to go. Thankfully there is a video and some pictures of the event, and here’s to hoping that Dotcom can make a trip down South. Continue reading

Dotcom – It’s Time to Celebrate

So Dotcom finally, after much hype and playtime in TT, has decided to release his massive banger “It’s Time to Celebrate”. I won’t even bother with describing how great it is, I’ll just let you guys take a listen and enjoy the sweet sounds that Dotcom gives us. Oh and as an added bonus…Dotcom has sent me the music video to the song as well. Check it out below…(Oh and I’m not letting this song available for download until Dotcom officially releases it at noon E.S.T. Download is now available) Continue reading

Dotcom on Hypem??? OH YEAH

So Dotcom has finally been recognized for his insane talents, and his song “Satisfied Enough” is trying to crack the Hypem Popular list (is it possible?). Of course he has some work to do, but the song definitely is worth being on that list. So take a listen below, and if you like it/want to support Dotcom, check the Hypem link that is posted after the jump… Continue reading

New Masher To B!!!NM: Dotcom

With the resounding success of Home-Grown Artists Round 1, it was time to search for the newest batch of Home-Growns. Enter Dotcom. This guy drops straight fire and club bangers when he plays his tracks. Loves to have massive drops combined with upbeat tempos perfect for clubbing/partying to, and these are quickly becoming his signature touch on his tracks. Simp and I had the privilege of hearing some of his unreleased stuff in a private room…and y’all are in for a treat when he releases them. But in the meantime, check out a couple of his tracks below…

Continue reading